Decorations, how to have a nice night with your friends

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Are you having a party coming up, or just a simple hangout with your girls? Don’t you ever wonder what would be the best way to light up your house differently? Well I do. I like to make it fancy when my friends are coming over, I want to feel it is only a girls night. That being said, I do need some decorative elements at home, but what to get?

So many questions, with just a simple answer. When I am at home, my rooms are so bright, and makes it even so shiny that it is boring. But what I am looking is to have a deemer light, because it makes the ambiance way more enjoyable. Don’t you think that a vintage look would be a great starting? Instead of going to to the movies, you stay home with them, dressed in Pyjama, pull out your lightbox that creates a perfect lighting!

Here are some of my suggestions to create the perfect night with your friends. Even guys can make it like that, a match of football, perfect!



  1. Cinema Lightbox
    This Cinema lightbox is amazing, it can light up pretty well, and you can pull the best quote you like on that. Write down whatever you like, or simply the movie that you will be watching. It will make your ambiance less heavy, and people around you will be affected by the positive vibes!lierre-medical-personal-care-night-lamp
  2. Aroma Night Lamp
    A room full of your favorite scent, it is something that we can not miss out. This Aroma Lamp may seem small, but it seals the deal. You simply have to put your favorite essential oils on the top of the lamp, and you will be fine. It is long lasting, it is a great alternative to a diffuser. Aromatherapy is also something you should consider. 
  3. Candles lierre-ca-candles
    Aroma without talking about candles? This is impossible! Candles are also a cheaper alternative to the lamp or diffusers. You can get one super cheap at other stores, like Bath & Body Shop, or you can also look at our essential oils, which are way more natural. Candles, seems cheaper, but essential oils can be used longer, even if it’s a smaller bottle! 
  4. Speech Lightbox lierre-ca-light-box-bubble-speech
    Afraid of not having enough space to write what you want, we have another option of lightbox. You can write anything that you are content of, and you get to be creative, add more colors. Leave a note, or write funny things. The light is deem enough!
  5. Himalayan Salt Lamp
    lierre-ca-salt-lampThis one is a winner for us! This one salt lamp do not only give you the best lighting, but also gives you good and healthy vibes. The salt lamp has a lot of healthy benefits, that you can look at our previous posts. 

Now that you have all my advice, enjoy your night with your loved ones, and make your home more comfortable!

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