How to use miniature silicone cups for your eyes and brows

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Our tiniest cup might be unimpressive in size, but their effects can border on the miraculous. Miniature silicone cups are usually used for the eyes and brows.  Good for relieving visual fatigue, they accelerate blood circulation around the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles, bags and puffiness, making you look younger and better rested. Treatments with these cups can also help soften wrinkles and furrow lines, and brighten your complexion.

Silicone Cupping - Silicone Cup, mini |

Miniature Silicone Cup


Silicone cups work by creating a vacuum that then lifts the fascia up through suction. Blood then rushes to the area, which stimulates tissue regeneration and elicits a sensation of alertness. With bigger cups, this process can sometimes cause bruising; these cups are however so small that the risk is relatively negligible. We recommend using them in flash treatments – that is, to put them on the skin fast and remove them almost immediately – and/or to glide them across the treatment area. This way, the cups don’t stay on the skin for very long, and the treatment area is expanded.

These tiny cups can also be used as a part of a daily skincare routine: they can be paired with our larger facial cuppping, which are great for tightening the jaw line and relieve facial tensions, and/or with one of our silicone facial brushes, which make great, gentle exfoliants. All of these products are at their most effective when they’re paired with a good moisturizing facial massage cream or balm: not only will they make your skin softer, but they’ll also allow facial cups to glide effortlessly across your skin. These treatments aren’t just effective – they’re also incredibly relaxing!


Silicone Cup, mini



Press the cup to squeeze out of the air and place it on the treatment area: it should create suction, gently lifting the skin. Remove the cup if it is painful. For optimal effect, push out all of the air in the cup, and make sure that no air enters into the cup during the treatment, as it may fall off.

  1. Clean your hands as well as the area you want to treat before the treatment
  2. For best results, apply massage creams, lotions, gels or balms or any other light lubricant on the area to be treated to reduce friction; press the cup to squeeze out of the air and put it on the skin: the cup will gently lift up the skin.
  3. For a gliding cupping treatment or cupping massage, slowly slide the cup across the skin to stimulate tissues. The miniature silicone cups are usually used right above the eyebrows and on furrow lines, as well as below the eyes.
  4. For a flash cupping treatment, apply the cups on the area and remove them almost immediately; repeat this step several times until the whole area has been covered.
  5. Gently pat away any excess product on your face with a clean cloth.
  6. After the treatment, thoroughly clean and disinfect the cups. For personal use, soapy water will be sufficient; for professional use, disinfect the cup in a bleach solution.


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