Looking to improve the quality of your sleep? Try buckwheat hull pillows!

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Buckwheat hulls pillow 6"X11"

Buckwheat hulls pillow 6″X11″

Buckwheat hulls are an amazing, versatile material: they offer incomparable support for your neck, helping you keep your spine properly aligned as you rest; they are natural and hypoallergenic; and finally, they retain heat well in the winter and keep your head cool in the summer. Unlike regular foam pillows, buckwheat hulls pillows can be kept for many years without losing their resistance. Since the buckwheat hulls are refillable, this pillow is also incredibly adjustable: it’s easy to make it as comfortable and firm as you wish. Once they’ve adapted to the shape of your neck and head, you’ll never be uncomfortable again!

Our buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat hulls are hygienic and durable. They don’t need to be washed, which makes them exceptionally long-lasting; hulls simply need to be periodically aired out, and the cover can be machine washed. The pillows also have anti-sudorific properties, because they allow the air to circulate freely, and because they aren’t heat conductive. These characteristics also set them apart from polyester pillows, which attract bacteria, insects and mold. Buckwheat hulls also contain a natural tannin that repels both bacteria and dust mites.

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada, our buckwheat hulls are thoroughly cleaned and dusted, making them particularly appropriate for people who suffer from asthma and dust sensitivity. They are neither fumigated, nor otherwise chemically treated. Though hypoallergenic in the sense that they are unlikely to trigger most allergies, these pillows are inappropriate for people who’re allergic to buckwheat.

Pillow care

After several months of use, buckwheat hulls pillows will lose 5-10% of their volume. This is normal: pressure grinds down the hulls and compresses them. Hulls can then be refilled if necessary, and aired out and stirred to regain part or all of the lost volume. For adults, an 8cm pillow height is recommended, while for children, it’s 5cm; of course, these are guidelines, and individual experiences vary.

Linens, sheets and pillowcases - Cylinder Buckwheat Pillow Case | lierre.ca

Cylinder Buckwheat Pillow Case

To clean the pillow, air out the hulls – never put them in water – and wash the pillowcase. Hulls can be poured into a container, stirred, and left out for as long as necessary.  All of our covers and pillowcases are machine washable.

Our percale pillow covers are 80% cotton, 20% polyester. This particular material is light, breathable and silky, as well as resistant to pills and runs. The pillow case, which has a zipper for convenient removal, is made of 100% polyester: though rougher to the touch, this material is much more stain resistant than cotton, and much more durable.

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