Massage Tables by Profession, part 2: Acupuncturists, Spas, Beauty Salons and Energy Healers

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The second part of this series might help you make a decision as to which types of tables to look for! In this instalment, we cover acupuncture, spas, beauty salons, and Reiki and energy healing practices. To read the first part of this article, follow this link.



One of the first requirements that sets acupuncturists apart from different types of practitioners is their preference for wider tables. As acupuncturists rarely have to have access to a client’s whole body, and it’s much easier for this kind of practitioner to walk around the massage table during treatments than for massotherapists, who would need to move constantly. Therefore, a 30” massage table(tables de massage) is almost certainly a more appropriate choice for an acupuncturist than a 26” or 28”table. If an acupuncturist has a stable, long-term clinic and does not travel to clients’ homes, an electric table adds a touch of professionalism that simply can’t be overestimated. More comfortable and


Electric Lift Standard

adjustable, these tables will also help clients with reduced mobility, and it’s easy to tilt the table in such a way as to facilitate getting on and off it.

In general, a 30” electronic massage table is the best choice for acupuncturists who only practice at their clinics. The 30” Lierre Classic or 30” Lierre Plus 2014 models are more appropriate options for acupuncturists who need a portable massage table to practice treatments outside clinics sometimes. But if you are an acupuncturist who prefers to put your needles or tools on the massage table while giving treatments, the 30” Lierre Plus A with square corner will be your best choice!

Spa professionals

Spa workers aim for their clients’ total comfort during treatments: as such, they usually prefer tables with thick, incredibly soft foam. Clients will feel themselves just sink into complete relaxation when they lie down on these tables, and can even risk falling asleep! To a spa worker, however, this should be part of the experience.


Electric Salon Table

Another important consideration for spa workers is the appearance of their equipment: spas are almost always equated with luxury and relaxation, and it makes sense that spa tables should not only feel luxurious, but look it. In general, as spa workers tend not to travel to clients’ homes for their jobs, electric massage tables are more appropriate. Lierre’s beautiful Electric Salon Table should meet every professional’s needs!

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