Moxibustion and Birthing Practices

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As recent research is increasingly pointing to the value of maintaining strong pre- and post-birth supportive relationships between practitioners and people who are expecting, there has been a resurgence of public interest in more holistic, traditional techniques in birthing. Privileging such an approach involves conceptualizing birth and pregnancy as complex experiences, rather than narrowly as medical conditions.

Moxibustion is one of the complementary services that has become increasingly popular for managing unpleasant experiences associated to pregnancy, such as morning sickness, back pain and headaches. Of course, these services should only be administered by trained and certified traditional Chinese medicine practitioners: certain points and techniques must be avoided when treating pregnant bodies.

Moxibustion’s benefits, however, go beyond symptom management: in fact, moxibustion has proven itself to be exceptionally effective for turning breech babies, and can boost fertility. Post-birth, moxibustion can also help prevent and alleviate some of the symptoms of post-partum depression.

Used for indirect moxibustion treatments, Lierre’s stick-on moxa products are reliable and easy to use­. You’ll find both the moxa rolls and the accessories you’ll need for these treatments in our inventory!

Lierre carries both new and traditional forms of moxa and moxa accessories. You’ll find aged golden moxa, tiger warmers, and a series of different types of moxa sticks, both scented and unscented, smokeless and with smoke. Our accessories include tiger warmers, lion warmers, moxa plates, moxa extinguishers, moxa needle holders, moxa spoons, moxa lighters and cleaning brushes.

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