Silicone Cupping: for the whole family

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Silicone cups are a great alternative to traditional glass cupping treatments – especially when treating sensitive patients.  And what patients are more sensitive than children?


Facial Massage Silicone Cupping Set (with a brush)

Practitioners who find that children are more easily scare by flames, or whose skin is more sensitive, can then use plastic or silicone cups to alleviate discomfort and fears. These cups are also easier to adjust than glass cups, and come in a variety of formats – plastic and silicone cups tend to be available in even smaller sizes than glass cups. Facial silicone cups can easily be adapted to treating smaller bodies!

Benefits of treating children include instant relief from stress, tensions, nausea, aches, and agitation, while presenting no significant negative side-effects, barring an interfering medical condition. Cups can be instantly taken off the skin if ever they become uncomfortable. Silicone cups can also be used in a relaxing gliding treatment.

Tips for treating children

  • Always start with the lowest intensity of suction, and ramp it up
  • Easier said than done, but make sure that your patients don’t move too much during treatments
  • Come prepared with an assortment of smaller cup sizes

Some benefits:

  • Helps children calm down
  • Provides easy, instant relief from pains, tensions and nausea
  • Strengthens the immune system

As massage therapists will find exactly what they need from our wide selection of silicone cupping setsSilicone cups are pliable, portable, and virtually unbreakable. The flexible nature of silicone means that these cups are softer and can be moved easily, creating a more massage-like experience than traditional glass cups. Therapists are also able to adjust the level of suction by simply squeezing the cup. Transparent silicone also allows practitioners to easily monitor the client’s skin.

Can’t figure out which products to use? Children’s skin tends to be quite sensitive, and so you want to make sure that the massage oilmassage balmmassage lotionmassage gel or massage cream that you use isn’t going to contain any harmful ingredients. L’Herbier’s Bambino line is conceived with these concerns in mind; it’s been our number one recommendation in this category for the past year. Each cream is delightfully scented, with such fun aromas as chocolate milk, strawberry cupcake and apple flower.

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