5 Essential Oil Tips for Beginners

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A beginner’s guide for using essential oils is a common request among Canadians just getting started. Buying organic essential oils, not all are created equal nor are all diffusers the same. Purchasing essential oils and related accessories, if you don’t know where to start in how to buy and/or how to use, here are a few tips for beginners we thought worth sharing.


Essential oils can be easily absorbed into the skin. They can also be very irritable to the skin. Because of this, you always want to ensure you’re diluting it in a carrier oil of some kind – think coconut, almond, or jojoba.

Car diffuser.

If you do a lot of traveling and you want to take essential oils with you, you can purchase and install a car diffuser. Like any diffuser, this disperses a mist that will moisturize the air around you while providing a characteristic smell. For commuting, contending with long lines of traffic, or extended road trips, it’s an excellent way to keep calm.

Home diffusers.

The most standard way to use essential oils is through a diffuser. How to use a diffuser is simple. All you need to do is fill it with a few drops of essential oils into room-temperature water. You can experiment a little with how many drops you want to use. Some people like more, some like less. From there, you turn it on and let it do its’ thing. If you are new to the world of essential oils and diffusers, it’s a very easy process to get going.

Diffuser jewelry.

Another way to carry essential oils around with you is in diffuser jewelry. They can range in design from bracelets to necklaces. Usually, all they need is 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil. They are then absorbed into the jewelry and all day long, you wear it and you take the scent with you!

Different essential oils.

Let’s say you have a negative experience with one type of essential oil, it doesn’t necessarily mean any and all essential oils won’t work for you. If you’re going to use essential oils, choose one that’s right for you. There are different oils for different experiences, some targeting anxiety, headaches, focus, energy, sleepiness, and more. Do your research and pay attention to labels, ensuring you’re getting something you desire.
Pure organic essential oils range in scent from frankincense to sweet orange, rosemary orange, lavender, basil, cedarwood, cinnamon, and more. It’s worth doing some research into which best suits the experience you want to have as well as picking up the right type of diffuser. Today, you can buy essential oil in Canada from Lierre.ca.