5 Thoughtful and Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas

valentines day gift ideas
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Overspending on Valentine’s Day – it’s a problem for some of us! Prioritizing affordability on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you want to go cheap. Give yourself some spending limits and reinforce those, by any means. If you’re low on inspiration and ideas for the big day, here are thoughtful but beautiful places to start.

What is the real meaning of Valentine's Day?
What is the real meaning of Valentine’s Day?

A romantic getaway

Searching for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her, going with experience over a physical product can make memories. However, you don’t have to go far either. Think of what’s within a two or three-hour drive of your place. Now during wintertime, it would be a fantastic idea to find someplace go skating, skiing or fishing. If you have pets you’re bringing, ensure where you rent is pet-friendly. In close proximity, look for cabins, bed, and breakfasts, or somewhere similarly secluded to bring her to where you can exist peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of work, responsibility, and stress. Although a physical gift is considerable, the feeling during the trip can maintain a longer memory.

Get mani-pedis together

On Valentine’s Day, give her the chance to shake off all that stress with a mani-pedi. Getting a mani-pedi for yourself as well, you’re doing something with her. No one wants their Valentine’s Day gift for her to be, ‘Here’s an activity. Now get away from me.’ Treasure the time spent together. This doesn’t have to be a big-budget item, either. Search out coupons and any discounts you might be able to get to help with the cost. You will find the best Masso foot cream as well as a wide range of massage oil, gel, cream and lotion at Lierre.ca.

Masso Foot Cream
Masso Foot Cream

Attend a sports event

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, play to his interests. Think about what you could give him that would be unexpected, that he would appreciate, and which might be something you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe he is a big fan of basketball or puck. But if he loves sports and you don’t, buying tickets for his favorite team playing locally can be a fun activity to get out of the house and have an experience.


Skincare’s a strong category in the gamut of Valentine’s Day gift possibilities. What woman – or man for that matter – desire young, healthy-looking skin? There are all sorts of gifts that can improve one’s skincare routine including jade gua sha tools, winter skincare its, anti-cellulite cupping sets, and more. Regularly apply these therapies every night before sleep can have a tremendous change on the skin. You can suggest your partner do a gua sha massage every two days, for example. If you’re unsure of what to get her, sometimes a gift card to a retailer like Lierre.ca is a thoughtful gesture.

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Facial Gua Sha from Lierre.ca

Take a class together

In case you haven’t noticed, these Valentine’s Day ideas focus more on ‘experiences’. Thinking back to your best Valentine’s Days, do you remember the gifts or what you did on that day – of course, you remember the day and the experience of living it. Create a memory for you and yours. Taking a class can be a fun way to learn a new skill, paint, do a DIY craft, take a short cooking course, or something similar. Find something that both you and your partner will love!

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re still in the gift-buying mood, drop in at Lierre.ca to find your favourite skincare, health and beauty products, athlete massagers, cellulite treatments, essential oils, and more.