5 Ways to Use Your Secret Strips Under Eye Masks Everyday:

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Want to learn more about the technology behind Secret Strips? we’ve already written a whole blog explaining the nitty gritty of how these strips work. Click here if you’re interested. If not ready along to find out the best ways to use your under eye Secret Strips!


Well duh you can wear them to sleep (no matter where in the world you are) – Secret Strips were made with the intention to wear overnight – How cool is that? Are you listening now – Here’s the tea!


Wear them out while running some errands, don’t worry it’s less noticeable than wearing an eye-patch. Secret Strips were made clear so that you can hydrate, stay young and get on with your life – Boss women? We stan.


Wear Secret Strips Under Eye masks while traveling. We love a good airplane beauty routine – Put them on before you leave for the airport or apply them before taking off for a full day of traveling (You’ll thank us later). #ByeByeJetLag


Wear them while working out. We suggest yoga – stretch your body and the skin underneath those strips! Secret Strips has integrated a three dimensional matrix net of microcrystals that stretches in 6 different directions. We know its totally mind blowing – better yet: You can also say #ByeByeWrinkles


And well we saved the best for last. Wear them during a girls night in with your mom or a girlfriend! Just picture it, masks, sangria, and The Devil Wears Prada. Best part about all of this: You can pass out and not have to worry about your skin. It’ll be hydrated when you wake up. That’s what we call a #Win

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