5 Winter Skincare Tips – How to Take Care of Winter Skin

5 Winter Skincare Tips – How to Take Care of Winter Skin
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Winter brings cold, snow and dryness. A number of Canadians suffer from dry skin, and we can get the uncomfortable feeling in the throat in the morning. We need heaters to keep warm, but they inevitably intensify the dryness. Combat dryness this winter with these skincare tips you’ll want to carry with you wherever you journey. 

As Canadians, we all know what a cold, tough, dry, and brutal winter feels like. The damage it does to skin can be atrocious. If you want bright, supple skin that retains moisture this winter, skincare essentials are a must. Here they are.

1 – Use a humidifier

When you’re home, plug in a humidifier. Skin dries out in winter only because humidity levels decrease. Though you can’t take a humidifier with you everywhere, at home or office, it should be a necessary component of your winter skincare routine. You do not even need to spend effort, just leave it there and you can get humidity. This will keep water from evaporating off the outer layer of the skin and help otherwise dry, flaky skin retain its moisture.

Natur Aroma Humidifier
Natur Aroma Humidifier

2 – Avoid hot showers

Heat dries out the skin, as does water. There’s no moisture associated with either. By having long hot showers, as pleasurable as they may be, you’re only going to make winter dry skin worse. Besides, it is also not a good idea to wash hair using hot water, which will undermine the scalp.  In and out of the shower, make it quick. Keep the temperature also low. Doing this will keep as much natural oils in your skin as possible which is what you want come winter. Don’t spoil yourself the short period during a shower, but pay more attention to your skin and hair after showering. 

3 – Apply moisturizers often

The ultimate winter skin care tip is to use moisturizer often. Apply it after a shower and after any time you wash your face. A moisturizer shouldn’t be any heavier or different from your usual moisturizer you use at other times of year. Frequency of application is what will change. Your skin needs moisture so be sure to keep it hydrated more than usual. If you are a big fan of essential oils, try some essential oils diffusers. Essential oils come with extensive healing functions to help you relax and stay moisturized. Select the ones that fit you most from Lierre.ca

Natural Glow Box - With Julie-Anne
Natural Glow Box – With Julie-Anne

4 – Hydrating masks

Use a hydrating mask to get more moisture in your skin. There are overnight hydrating masks that work. This can be as easy as a winter skincare homemade tip. If you don’t have a mask to use, apply moisturizer over night to allow it to sink in. Both strategies will help minimize skin vulnerability to winter elements outside. Secret Strips are a perfect choice as a mask that can stay on the face. Different from traditional paper masks, Secret Strips can be made of a special fiber, and you can leave it as long as two hours. 

5 – Stay hydrated

It’s not enough to treat the surface of your skin. Nutrition, diet, and consumption of water also counts a lot towards keeping yourself looking your best. Ensure you’re drinking enough water as part of your winter skincare essentials. This will also help to keep moisture in your skin and the healthier your internal systems are, the better. For the long-term health of your skin, as it goes through winter after winter, nutrition and water consumption are going to count for even more.

Natural Balance Silicone Cupping Set for facial massage (facial brush Included)
Natural Balance Silicone Cupping Set for facial massage (facial brush Included)

Leverage your time correctly and moisturize! Let this be a wakeup call to the extent of the damage winter can do to our skin. Sticking with a reliable, affordable skincare regimen will protect against the worst of it. Get all your winter skin care moisturizers, face masks, and more from Lierre.ca.