7 Best Last Minute Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas and Gifts

7 Best Last Minute Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas and Gifts
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Love is magic. and it can be interpreted in so many ways. For some couples though, they don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day like everybody else. They want to find something special and creative. They interpret it to be a day not only of love but of consumerism. If that sounds like you, we hear you.

Instead of going with the usual, there are plenty of simple Valentine’s Day ideas that lean on appreciating your partner without giving money over to any corporation. Are you ready to get creative – let’s see what strikes inspiration in you.

Print pictures

Go through your Instagram and Facebook accounts, and print off the photos that celebrate moments in your relationship. Gather them in a photo book or assemble a poster board. A scrapbook, in particular, can be a fun couples’ activity, giving your partner the chance to glitter things up to taste. After you are together for one year, for example, it would be a fantastic moment when you recap the photos, as well as the memories that were spent together.

Who is Valentine's Day meant for?
Who is Valentine’s Day meant for?

Custom T-shirts

Create custom clothing with a reference to something said in your relationship or with your couples’ photos on them. T-shirts can be used to commemorate an anniversary, trip, or relating to how/when you fell in love. You can put your photos on the t-shirt or the pet you keep together. You will be the focus of the crowd when you wear special t-shirts, and people will surely admire your couple!

A year’s worth of dates

Check this out – a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. If you haven’t come up with anything sufficient in time for Valentine’s Day, all you need is a calendar to create some pre-planned date nights once a week, once every two weeks, or on a schedule that’s best for you. Rosa Quartz is known as a kind of crystal that has the meaning of LOVE. If your partner is a crystal lover, the set of rose quartz gua sha set would be the perfect gift because the magic stone has the meaning of accepting love and giving love.

Thera Crystal™ Rose Quartz Gua Sha collection
Thera Crystal™ Rose Quartz Gua Sha collection

Schedule an overnight date

Have you ever had an overnight date night – it can be pretty fun staying up all night with the person you adore. Look at activities in your local city or places to explore to keep yourself entertained. The streets are quiet, especially after snow these days. You may also want to choose a day in the summer for the best weather and also, where you both have time to recuperate. Everyday can be Valentine’s Day if you have found the Ms. Right or Mr. Right.

Cook them a meal

Even if you don’t have a partner to appreciate come Valentine’s Day, grab a few friends to celebrate on your own together. A great Valentine’s Day gift for friends is cooking them a meal. Find an interesting cookbook at your local bookstore and try your hand at something you might not normally dig into. Sometimes you may feel lonely, friends can always be the belonging.

Commit to an adventure

A unique Valentine’s Day idea is to commit to a postponement of most of your celebration. We know, it’s not very exciting! The rewards though can be very fun. Give your partner tickets to a cruise or international adventure you want to take them on. Or, plan an adventure off the grid closer to home at a cabin or small town outside the city. You can take your getaway as far or keep things as near as you desire.

Creative challenges

If you’re in a relationship with someone creative, consider Valentine’s Day filled with creative activities. Schedule a whole day of activities like this, that which you can do together. Create a painting, write a song together, set out a couples’ photography adventure, or look at other creativity-based activities. At the end of the day, not only will you have memories to always remember but you’ll have products to cherish as well.

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and so many things to do as long as he or she is on the top of your heart. We wish everyone has the best the other half! Stay in touch with Lierre.ca and find the perfect gift on holidays.

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