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We’ve got some fun new releases at Lierre.ca so get excited! Our new line from Basd Body Care is sure to please.

The  products from the line:

  • Basd Body Coffee Scrub
  • Basd Body Lotion
  • Basd Body Wash

Each product comes in three different scents. We’ve got the creme brulee for all of those who love sweet smelling things. Its super indulgent, hence its name: Indulgent Creme Brulee.

The next one is probably going to be your go to when you need that wake up call in the morning. I opened the bottle to smell the cream when we got all of the products (as you can imagine, I was jumping for joy because it was time to unbox), and oh my gosh, it smelled so strong (a good strong, obviously). This scent is called invigorating mint, and wow these names are seriously right on the money.

I’ve saved the sexiest for last. This scent is kind of cozy but has deep notes of, wait for it, sandalwood. Can you guess the product’s name yet? I’ll just tell you, it’s seductive sandalwood. This is kind of like a bath and body candle in a lotion, though more earthy and rich smelling though. What’s not to love.

What’s really amazing about Basd Body care is that its a local canadian brand and is cruelty free! But of course that’s not all. It’s also non-gmo, made with organic ingredients, and free of any parabens.

Now that I’ve introduced you to the brand and products, I’m going to show you how I integrate Basd body care into my daily routine.

So I like to take showers at night. They’re my time to just relax and it’s quite therapeutic if i’m being honest. My go to is something refreshing if i’m getting ready to go out. In this case I’d opt for the invigorating mint body wash and coffee scrub and hop into the shower. First I use the scrub all over my body and I even put a little on my face. I only do this once a week though! After I’m done I follow up with the mint body wash. Once out of the shower, before completely drying my body, I go ahead and apply some of my mint body lotion. It’s relaxing, refreshing and you will smell amazing.

If you want something super strong, go for the seductive sandalwood. This scent is honestly perfect for men. If you want something sweet go for the creme brulee.

At the end of the day, mix or match, discover what works for you, but just make sure you’re hydrating and taking care of that skin of yours. It’s important!

Want to shop these products? Check them out here: https://lierre.ca/basd-body-care