Can You Do Cupping Therapy At Home –Yes!

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Cupping therapy at home is something you don’t need to go to a physiotherapy clinic for. You can get it done all on your own at home and in the comfort of your own surroundings. For athletes with delayed muscle soreness, this is a great exercise to get yourself loose and help maximize your comfort level even when your body’s up against some very intense exercise.

Cupping Therapy At Home- What You Need

All you need to perform some cupping at home is an appropriately titled silicone cupping set. These are a collection of cups, usually of varying sizes. This is so that you can use them in various regions across the body. Although you can pull a Kim Kardashian and go get it done at an alternative medicine, TCM, or health and wellness spa, more athletes are doing it themselves at home. Here’s why.

Science may not agree that there’s major health benefits to doing cupping but the experience and anecdotes of several people say otherwise. Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps uses cupping and is known to appear in public with those common dark purple cupping marks on his chest and back. An at-home cupping kit allows an athlete or gym-goer to use them to relieve tight, sore muscles as well as improve range of motion following a strenuous performance.

Cupping for Pain Relief from Canada

Silicone Cupping: The Best Choice for Cupping Therapy at Home

Although there are other materials you can choose, the easiest by far to use especially at home is silicone. When you buy a silicone cupping set, our best advice is to try it after a weightlifting session. If you’re someone prone to muscle soreness and you want to avoid being forced into a rest day when you don’t have one planned, this is where cupping can come in.

Applying the cups to your back can admittedly be a challenge so you’ll need assistance in the form of a friend. This is a bit of a drawback but wait until you feel the results. Leave those cups settled in place for up to 15 minutes and then, take them off. When it’s happening, you’ll feel pressure from the suction but it shouldn’t be painful. While it’s happening, you will likely be more concerned with the sensation of the cups. This is normal.

After your cupping therapy at home is complete, that’s when you’ll feel the difference and it’ll be immediate. Your muscles won’t feel so sore. They’ll be more relaxed and you’ll have mobility you didn’t have before. More and more, we are seeing physiotherapists and chiropractors offer cupping to their clients for this express purpose. In managing post-workout muscle soreness, arguably nothing’s better. And the best part – all you need is your silicone cupping therapy set. Buy yours today for at-home use from