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Facial cupping is Hollywood’s latest skincare trend, being used by influencers as diverse as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. They claim it’s done everything from reduce wrinkles to reduce inflammation and limit the build-up of toxins, but how does it fare with clearing acne – that’s the question we want answered.

Although it’s easy to dismiss facial cupping sets as just another health fad, it’s admittedly very intriguing. For people with acne who have used facial cupping, we’ve heard many promising things including it boosting collagen production, plumping up tissue, and improving circulation.

Circulation’s an important part of why facial cupping works. Someone receiving a massage has their muscles pressed down upon. Facial cupping works similarly, with the exception that it pulls the muscles upwards. When this happens, oxygen and blood rushes in. The circulatory system in and around our faces could benefit from increased circulation. Alongside other treatments like facial acupuncture, this could be the ideal treatment for acne sufferers.

When you have acne, there’s a lot that can make it worse. Heat, inflammation, and the accumulation of toxins are all very bad for your skin. Normally, the lymphatic system would be tasked with draining the toxins out and keeping your anti-toxin circulation going. Sometimes, the system can get clogged though. When it does, you’ve run into some trouble. Cupping unclogs the skin. For these reasons, facial cupping is well worth trying for anyone with acne.

We know it can be a little scary having your face vacuumed or suctioned. It’s a strange feeling. The results speak for themselves. The pressure of the cup is gentle, unlike what you may have experienced with body cupping. The cups are slid around to encourage movement and to prevent the leaving of any marks. That’s right – no marks and no bruising. Overseen by a professional, you can stimulate deep into the layers of your facial skin and see almost no side effects.

Hundreds of acne sufferers have benefited from facial cupping. A lot of people with acne oftentimes have poor circulation, blood stagnation, or potentially a blood deficiency. There’s almost always inflammation and build-up of toxins.

Compared to throwing chemicals on your face and hoping they take care of your acne, facial cupping is completely natural and safe. By tapping into your body’s natural systems, natural healing can occur.

As an added bonus to face cupping and its application as an acne treatment, you can do cupping at home with a DIY facial cupping massage set. In years’ past, cupping was done with glass and fire believe it or not. Today, it’s all plastic and silicone cups which are much safer, particularly on the face. Get your own high quality face cupping set from Lierre.ca on-sale today!

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