Essential Massage Supplies to Stock Up On in your Clinic

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A massage therapy business requires a lot of equipment and supplies to get started with. After obtaining a massage therapist certification, the next step is to start your own clinic. Whether you’ve been a massage therapist for years or are just starting on the journey with a start-up, these are just some of the massage supplies you’re going to need to provide the level of service you want.


Starting a massage therapy clinic, you’re looking to create and maintain a stress-free environment. Some choose to incorporate relaxing music, customized lighting, and candles to establish this vibe. Soothing music certainly goes a long way and is a cheap investment. Considering the impact smell can have and using essential oils can also help establish a calm, safe place for your clients to come.

Massage chair and table.

Every clinic needs a massage table and chair to have a massage therapy business. In addition to the basic massage table and chair, you may choose to include neck bolsters, adjustable headrests, arm rests, foot rests, and other elements to keep the client comfortable. You can add these as you go, of course, if there’s a lot of massage supplies that need to be purchased.

Massage oils, lotions, and creams.

Massage oils, lotions, and creams will come to define how your business is perceived from the perspective of the client. The smell, texture, and experience of a massage leans on the massage oils you select. Don’t forget to pick up hypoallergenic and organic products for customers who might be sensitive. It doesn’t hurt to have a mix of different essential oils or massage oils to pull from.


Every massage therapist needs a good inventory of towels. To enhance a massage, there’s nothing like a warm towel placed in the right place. A portable towel cabinet to warm your towels might be another option to keep in mind.

Table sheets.

Table sheets that are soft and easy to wash are a great asset to any massage therapist. Table sheets can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and colors, are usually warm and cozy, and ideally, will be durable enough to handle use after use.


Although we hinted at it earlier, aromatherapy really deserves its own category. Essential oils are an aid to communicate to the client calm and relaxation. You may also want to pair this with some teas, as a means of stimulating a person’s smell.

These are just some of the basic massage supplies to stock up on in your clinic. There are also anatomy charts, skeletons, posters, hot and cold therapy products, massage tools, and more which you can blend in. Beyond the essentials, it’s all up to you as it relates to what you want a massage therapy business to represent to patients and prospects.