Everything You Need to Know About IASTM Therapy for Sports Injuries

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Sports injuries happen. They’re unavoidable. If you’re an athlete for long enough, eventually, a body’s going to break down. Either while exercising or during a sports game, you can get hurt. Complicating matters, if you haven’t been active regularly, haven’t warmed up, or haven’t engaged in intense activity in a long time, you run a higher risk.

Enter instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) as a possible solution. TCM gua sha instruments serve a great purpose in treating athletes treating soft tissue dysfunction. While non-invasive, IASTM treats issues such as soft tissue f ibrosis, chronic inflammation, and degeneration. These IASTM tools are used to break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue instantly. IASTM treatment has resolved pain during motion, limited motion, motor control issues, and muscle recruitment issues.

How are sports injuries treated?
How are sports injuries treated?

Athletes can run into a lot of different injuries – sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon ruptures, fractures, and rotator cuff injuries. A lot of the time, these will heal with rest, compression, ice and evaluation. For mild sports injuries that you need healed fast, some clinicians may recommend IASTM therapy. By gently engaging the injury at a surface level, surprisingly a lot can be accomplished. You can reduce swelling and prevent additional pain, particularly if it’s done in the early days after an injury.

If you really want to see the power of IASTM, we’ve seen athletes use IASTM in replacement of prescription medications such as opioids and over-the-counter medications. It’s proven to be incredibly effective. IASTM therapy is not ideal for more severe injuries but for issues not requiring any surgery and/or if you’re an athlete in the rehabilitation process, this is one way to get you back in the game faster and without hassle. IASTM tools should be on stand-by ready to be employed after any game, session at the gym, or any athletic situation wherein an injury could occur.

Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage Bundle for IASTM therapy (4 Piece Set) - Lierre
Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage Bundle for IASTM therapy (4 Piece Set) – Lierre

You don’t need a practitioner to do it to you. You can actually perform IASTM at home without assistance, if you know the right techniques. Buy IASTM instruments online today from Canada’s own Lierre.ca and treat your own sports injuries. Are you sitting in front of the TV at night? Treat yourself and tend to your injuries during this time.

There are significant clinical benefits to IASTM for athletes. If you have issues with strength, range of motion, and/or the perception of pain, IASTM affects these three factors. In some cases, the results have proven to be more significant than some medications and other therapies. For this reason, we think there’s a strong case that can be made for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization as a consideration for athletic injuries and sports injuries.