How Does An Infrared TDP Lamp Work

How does a tdp lamp work
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There has been a rise in interest around TDP lamps in Canada. As a new form of infrared therapy, TDP lamps have shown a lot of promise with treating a variety of difficult conditions, including acute and chronic pain. Not only can TDP lamps provide heat, but also the function by the infrared sensor.

Naturally, you might have some questions. TDP lamps in Canada aren’t the usual and using infrared light to treat pain may sound a little farfetched. Understandably foreign to Western medicine, this has been common in China for many years though. Surprisingly to some, TDP infrared heat lamps are so standard in medicine they’re even used in hospitals in China and Japan. As much, clinics in Canada see an increasing trend to equip TDP lamps to provide related treatment. 

How to Assemble a TDP Lamp

What is the magic behind the TDP lamp? 

TDP lamp therapy uses infrared light to help regenerate cells in the body. This facilitates more healing and repairing in a safe, non-pharmaceutical way. Infrared light helps to improve circulation, moving oxygen-rich blood through the body and promoting a relieving of pain.

The infrared light of a TDP lamp is targeted. It can penetrate up to 4 inches in depth. This type of light has been shown to have much scientific benefit, from pain relief to being an anti-inflammatory. The function of the TDP lamp can reach to the deep issue of a problem so as to play as an effective heal. 

Where you have an injury, for instance, sprains in muscles or backaches, that’s where you aim your infrared light therapy lamp. Targeting the site of where things are hurting, you cut off the pain where it counts. No risks. No side effects. No damage involved. It’s natural and painless. After about 30 minutes of treatment, you will find a kind of relaxation and relief from the pain. 

TDP Lamp CQ-36
TDP Lamp CQ-36

For added benefit, some prefer to combine this infrared heat with acupuncture. TDP lamp acupuncture works very much the same as one would expect. It combines the benefits, often overlying, of each therapy.  

The infrared light of a TDP lamp reaches the muscles, nerves, and bones, absorbed by the photoreceptors in our cells. This starts dozens of metabolic processes in the body. 

When do you need a TDP lamp? 

TDP lamps and the use of infrared heat to heal is a relatively new occurrence. As studies are ongoing, there’s a lot of research coming out on this topic. Some of the most promising findings include its ability to improve wound healing, the significant reduction in arthritis pain, boosting endorphin levels, and bio-activating neuromodulators.

If you intend to go the route of infrared therapy, you will want to search out specifically a TDP lamp. Usually, TDP lamp CQ-29 and CQ-36 has the most popularity. 

Where something like a TDP lamp CQ-29 is better than your average infrared lamp is that it uses a mineral plate. Comprising of 33 healthy, naturally-occurring minerals, this plate heats and the minerals come unglued. They are then transferred into the body through targeted infrared light.

The ultimate result of an infrared lamp like this is the ability to treat dozens of health conditions without medications. TDP lamps have been used to successfully treat neck pain, back pain, arthritis, bursitis, muscle strains, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, TMJ, tendonitis, wounds, sciatica, and healing surgical incisions.