How Jade Soft Silicone Cupping Sets Differ From a Walmart Cupping Set

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You may have seen cupping benefits in the news, on Facebook or Instagram, or offered at a local alternative therapy clinic. It’s certainly trending however it’s not new. Cupping’s been around for literally thousands of years, used to reduce inflammation, relieve sore muscles, increase blood flow, and assist with circulation.

How cupping works is by increasing blood flow in a given area, resulting in increased oxygen, nutrients, and more to this area of the body. At the same time, the body’s excess fluids and toxins are drained. Cupping’s used in spas for these purposes as well as to reduce cellulite, stimulate collagen, help to reshape the body and cause weight loss, for detoxification, and to help with lymphatic drainage.

Does cupping therapy actually work?
Does cupping therapy actually work?

As you can practice cupping from home, you may have come across a jade soft cupping set. Alternatively maybe you’ve seen the 4-cup Walmart cupping set. Which one’s better? When it comes to a Canada cupping set, there are some major differences.

First off, you may notice the price. Walmart’s silicone cupping set is small and sells for $59.99 or more. Comparatively, jade soft silicone cups vary in price going for as low as $4 for a mini-size cupping piece or a similar small 4-cup set for $29.99. That’s a $30 difference! Another key differential is Walmart has a very basic set. For most people that buy these, they’re going to receive a low quality set and a one-size-fits-all sort of product. This isn’t great.

Silicone Cupping Set 6 Cups – Jade Soft® -lierre

Comparatively, a jade soft silicone cupping set is a little more diverse. When you buy a cupping set, you can either go for the 4-piece or a 12-piece set. You can also purchase individual cups depending on where you intend to use them. For example, cupping done on the face requires smaller silicone cups that are more sensitive on the face. So with jade soft, you have more customization options and at a lesser price.

Now what about quality? The reason why Walmart’s silicone cupping set has few reviews is because no one is interested in buying it. It’s a low quality product for an expensive price. They have no idea what a high quality cupping product is. Jade soft silicone cups are made by the experts, built for quality, at an affordable price, and fully customizable. Discussing which is the better silicone cupping set in Canada, the answer’s somewhat obvious, isn’t it?

Choose your jade soft silicone cups today at and tap into the health benefits yourself. Walmart’s not worth your time or money, at least not with this. Jade soft silicone cupping sets exceed all points on Walmart’s cupping sets. Visit