How Shin Lin Acupuncture Needles Are Made

ShinLin Acupuncture needles from Canada
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ShinLin acupuncture needles are one of Canada’s most affordable and eco-friendly options available. But, do you know how they’re made? The process behind how acupuncture needles get manufactured is rather fascinating.

Procuring the raw material for Shin Lin

Raw materials need to be sought out prior to creating the needles. The most common material acupuncture needles come in is stainless steel. This is what Shin Lin uses. Coming from Japan, the quality of needles is guaranteed and required for certification prior to distribution.

Sharpening the Shin Lin acupuncture needle

Sharpness and mould of the ShinLin acupuncture needle must be identical. Shin Lin does not go handmade. They use machines to measure, cut, and sharpen to the precise specifications indicated in the quality standards manual.

Twining the needle handles

After the needles have been cut and shaped, their handles are then twined using an industrial machine. The advantage of a twined needle handle is that it makes it easier to hold, put in, remove, and handle. If there is ever an issue, having a handle to grip onto. It will minimize pain and discomfort to the client.

Chemical cleaning

After the handle’s ready, this Canada acupuncture needles brand goes in for a chemical cleaning. This eliminates any raw material residue, pollutants, or oils from the needle. Such contaminants cause an entire batch of needles to be defective, so it’s important they are removed in a thorough sense.

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Purified water cleaning

After being chemically treated, the needles then move to a second stage of cleaning. Shin Lin acupuncture needles are cleaned with purified water. Once again, it will address any mineral-related residue that could affect the needle’s quality.

Heat dry and quality control check

Now that the needles are done, ShinLin brand needles receive a heat dry and are then up for examination. Each needle is examined to avoid any problem in sharpness and uniformity. Anything defective is identified and carefully removed, preventing it from being packaged.

Packing and disinfecting it

Needles are packed, individually sealed in a dust-free environment. Lastly, the full package acupuncture needle receives a sterilization to ensure that they are fully cleaned. Also, they ensure any residual bacteria has fully been cleared away.

As with all TCM supplies sold through, extensive cleaning and disinfectant processes like those mentioned say a lot about cleanliness and safety of product. When buying Shin Lin acupuncture needles, rest assured you are receiving high quality, properly manufactured product. You will feel at ease setting these needles in and seeing the benefits that come from them.

Acupuncture is all around feeling at ease and reducing any overstimulation in the body. Shin Lin is a brand you can trust and lean on in treating chronic pain, arthritis, cold, skin rashes, anxiety, and more.