How to Apply Silicone Cupping on Yourself at Home

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Did you know you can do silicone cupping yourself at home? Having originated in Chinese medicine, it’s used today by athletes, Instagrammers, and Canadians all over the country. Cupping’s been shown to help fascia and muscles de-stress, relax, heal, and rejuvenates the body’s systems.

How to apply silicone cupping at home is simple. The first step is you need to get a cupping set. Available for purchase through, you can choose your own set or supplement with individual cups as well. After you have your cupping set, we can now get down to how to do it yourself at home.

Apply some massage oil to the area, apply the cup, and squeeze. This will create the suction needed. Cupping is all based around suction which will lift the tissue. This is the exact opposite of massages which press the tissue downwards. After the cup is suctioned to your skin, you can choose to leave it in place or alternatively move it up and down your muscle. What this does is akin to a massage except it’s a lift rather than a press-down.

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If you’re very sore or tight, you may choose not to use any movement with your cupping. Ideally, you’ll want to leave on your cups for up to 6 minutes and not much longer. This is all it takes to really do the trick. You can apply the cups almost anywhere on the body, though certain areas may prove to be harder to reach than others. If you have a friend to help, that’s great! All they need to do is to create that suction because it’s the suction which is the most important part.

After you’re done your cupping session, you may notice a discoloration like a cupping bruise left. This actually isn’t a bruise but is merely blood that has been brought to the surface through suction. Blood like this has generally been stagnant in your body for a while. Bringing it to the surface, it should slowly fade away sometimes within minutes and other times, within days. These marks evidently aren’t a bad thing. If anything, they’re evidence it’s working. What it’s doing is moving out stagnant blood in favor of bringing in new blood.

What does cupping marks mean?
What does cupping marks mean?

How often should you do cupping? A lot of people do it no more than once a week. It’s recommended to use primarily on muscle tissue. If you’re interested in using it on tendons or ligaments, you may want to consult a professional cupping practitioner for something like this.

For cupping sets in Canada you can use at home, visit We have everything you need to get your cupping done on your own with no assistance. All on your own, it’s like having a readymade massage in your back pocket ready to use when you need it most!