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Have you been feeling a lack of energy and just all-around burnout as of late? You’re far from alone. As we push to achieve our goals personally and professionally, while juggling so many responsibilities and roles, burnout is inevitable if you’re not taking care of yourself. To anyone feeling tired and burned out, it’s time to sit back, take a day to yourself, and de-stress a bit.

Exercise and meditation

How a lot of us avoid burn out is by taking some time every day to focus on ourselves, through exercise and meditation. Exercise can be a great stress reliever, in addition to getting our blood flowing, giving more confidence, and keeping health in check. Meditation is an opportunity to focus inwards and connect with the universe around you. When we get too busy, we don’t take the time to appreciate what’s around us. Exercise and meditation puts everything out of your head, and gives you the chance to focus on something for you.

A day for self-care

When things are too far gone, you need a day for self-care. This is time spent on you, where you push away the responsibilities you have and take 24 hours to just be you. For some, this is laying around on the couch watching Netflix. For others, it could mean a walk in nature or a short trip outside of the city. A day for self-care can also mean a spa day, where you treat yourself to different treatments that give you the confidence of looking and feeling good. Ultimately, a day for self-care can be whatever you need it to be as long as it’s centered around you and what represents you.

Rest and relaxation

Time away from things should not be spent doing strenuous activities. Rest and relaxation are priority. Don’t set the alarm and let yourself sleep in. Enjoy a massage. Grab some essential oils and take a bath. In both body and mind, relaxation can take the weight of the world off your shoulders. While you’re doing this, maybe touch base with some family or friends. Do the things that make you happy. If there are small projects around the home – like cleaning up the living room, washing the stovetop, or organizing some papers – maybe this is an opportunity to take some time to do these things. That is, if you really need to put yourself to work to do something.

There are ultimately two ways to avoid burnout – by knowing when to take a day off, and by investing at least 1 hour every day into yourself to relax and decompress. By sticking with this schedule, you’re unlikely to ever feel completely burned out again.