How to Choose the Right Essential Oil For You

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Essential oils have been a big part of the rise of alternative medicines, healing therapies, and complementary treatments.

For those who are new to the world to essential oils, they’re very potent oils procured from plants around the globe and which have been in used for centuries. Captured for their beneficial properties, they’re used to treat a range of illnesses, sicknesses, as well as for general assistance with caring for skin, hair, and general health.

Before we get into how to choose the right essential oil for you, in using essential oils, there are some things to keep in mind. Because oils like these are so potent, always – always! – use put it into a carrier oil to dilute it. If you haven’t used an oil before, do a patch test on the skin before applying it to larger areas in case there’s an allergic reaction.

Also, a lot of essential oils are toxic on their own and shouldn’t be taken orally unless directed by a registered healthcare professional.


Lavender is Canada’s most popular essential oil, is relatively safe, and comes in a subtle floral scent. It’s used every day and night to help people relax and sleep, is known to help with alleviating headaches, and when used topically, can help with the itching of bug bites.

Roman chamomile

When diffused and inhaled through steam, roman chamomile is an excellent relaxation-based essential oil. Used topically, some evidence shows it’s effective at treating inflammation and eczema.

What essential oils are good for diffusers?

What essential oils are good for diffusers?


Hyssop is an earthy, herbal essential oil that’s been used for centuries to help reduce the appearance or likelihood of scarring as well as to decrease inflammation. It’s commonly employed as a general healing agent.


Rose is an anxiety-reducing essential oil with some antioxidant properties found. Choosing essential oils for acne or for treating skin complexion issues, rose is also a go-to.

What is Rose essential oil used for?

What is Rose essential oil used for?

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang is a flowery oil that comes across just as spicy as it is sweet. Ylang ylang is used as a repellant towards certain insects, to build self-esteem, and to aid in relaxation. Ylang ylang’s an essential oil you’ll find in a number of cosmetics, beauty treatments and related products as it’s also known to treat skin issues and promote hair growth.


Myrrh is a sappy-smelling essential oil known to be effective at treating skin problems. For people struggling with acne or cracked skin, myrrh is a recommended essential oil treatment. Unfortunately, myrrh has been associated with side effects in some people including dermatitis, lower blood pressure, and an increase in risk of miscarriage when taken by women who are pregnant.


Vetiver is an essential oil with a smoky and sugary smell, common as a mood booster and as a calming nerve agent. It has some antioxidant properties to it, helping to assist with skin and scar healing.

Which brand is the best essential oil?

Which brand is the best essential oil?

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