How to Find the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for You

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In Canada, there are dozens of essential oil diffusers in the marketplace ranging from cheap models to the most expensive. How to find the best essential oil diffuser for your household relates directly with how you intend to use it.

Like it says in the name, diffusers diffuse essential oils and release them into the air. Diffusers are the most popular method Canadians use to enjoy their essential oils, sharing a fragrance throughout a room and giving them the desired effects of the oil.


The most recommended oil diffuser in Canada are ultrasonic diffusers. They are easy to clean, built well, and are the simplest to operate. An ultrasonic diffuser uses electronic frequencies vibrating quickly to mimic the effects of boiling water without every using heat. These vibrations diffuse the oil, breaking it down into tiny micro-particles.

Let’s say you want to go more old-school with your diffuser, you can but it’s generally not preferred. Any sort of steam diffuser, candle diffuser, or hot plate diffuser is using heat. Temperature can disturb the chemistry of the oil, which makes them less effective.

How to choose an oil diffuser is, first, cost-wise it’s got to be within your budget. Secondly, they should be easy to clean. Built-in timers can help in calculating the accurate release of oil. An excellent diffuser will be one that effectively disperses the aroma within 30 minutes or less.

How to use an oil diffuser is to fill the tank with water and then, to use up to fifteen drops. Set the timer, hit the power, and enjoy. Please consult with the instruction manual for your ultrasonic diffuser to confirm this is all that needs to be done.

Remember, with essential oils, a little goes a long way. It takes a lot of plant material to create a small bottle of essential oil. For this reason, you don’t want your diffuser running all day either as this wastes the oil you have and could potentially irritate you or others in the household. More is never better when it comes to essential oil. Use a little here and there, and strategically.

Also, ensure you’ve selected the correct oil for your health condition or needs. For example, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, valerian, rose, and sweet orange are therapeutic and are recommended as a treatment for insomnia. Alternatively, an oil like lemongrass can reduce inflammation, fight off bacteria, combat fungal infections, provide antioxidants, and treat stomach or digestive trouble.

Every essential oil type comes with its own benefits. Be sure to browse thoroughly. It also doesn’t hurt to give a few different oils a try, ensuring your mind and body are reacting in the way you hoped.