How to Sanitize your silicone cupping set properly?

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How to clean your silicone cups?

As you may know, this is our most frequently asked question. Silicone cupping sets are often used with oils, gels or lotions, this is why it is important to wash our cups properly, and no one wants dirt into our skin. Before I introduce the methods how to clean them, it depends who are using it. Are you a professional or are you using it at home?

If you are using as a professional on patients, it needs to be more sanitized than others because you are using it on many other patients.

Professional sterilization is done by immersing cups in a bleach solution to disinfect them. recommend using ten parts water, one part bleach (10/1) and soaking them for two hours. The proportion can vary depending the regions and order’s standards. You should definitely consult your local association for further instructions.

If you are using only for yourself, at home, there are fewer ways to wash it.

You can clean it with soap or disinfectants, for personal uses. If you use with oil, it is important to thoroughly wipe the cups, then clean with neutral (preferably unscented) soap to get rid of the dirt or oil residue. If you are also a clean freak, you can also leave it in boiling water for two or three minutes.

Silicone Cupping Set 14 pcs
That being said, it is as important to clean your cups as cleanse your skin before usage. On the top of that you can also use these cups under your shower!