How to Treat Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles

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Under eye bags and wrinkles have been skincare addicts’ greatest enemies since the beginning of time. But with modern technology and effective massage techniques, these common skin concerns can be easily treated.

The under eye is the most fragile zone of the face. Doing too much can worsen your eye bags and create more wrinkles around the eyes. Here are simple tips and tricks to reduce the appearance of eye bags and wrinkles.

Facial Cupping

One of skincare’s hidden gems is facial cupping. Cupping therapy is a great way to improve blood circulation and refresh tired skin. However, they can be rough for your under eye if done with the wrong cups.

Jade Soft silicone cups carry multiple sizes, for the body, face and under eye area. When it comes to facial cupping, many customers prefer using the Jade Soft’s Mini Eye Silicone Cup to tighten their eye bags. They are easy to use, soft and cause less strain on your hands when manipulating on your skin.

The heating temperature is higher when producing Jade Soft silicone cups. Because of its manufacturing process, Jade Soft offers the softest silicone cups on the market and are noticeably gentler for the skin below your eyes. Paired with a facial cream or essential beauty oil, these cups are perfect for dynamic cupping and glide like butter on your skin, leaving your under eye more smooth and tightened.

Secret Strips’ Under Eye Masks

An important step to reduce dark circles and wrinkles is to moisturize. Secret Strips provides your under eye the moisture it needs and gets rid of fine lines near your eye area after a few treatments. With their innovative water crystalline gel formula, Secret Strips’ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patches fit perfectly under your eyes and seals the moisture into your skin.

When doing your skincare routine, having the right products for your skin type is crucial. For sensitive areas like the area below your eyes, applying artificial ingredients and chemicals could cause more skin damage. Secret Strips uses a hyaluronic acid essence to plump the treated areas. Because hyaluronic acid is a natural chemical produced by the human body, Secret Strips can be used for all skin types.

To learn more about hyaluronic acid, read our article about it!

Crystal Rollers

Makeup gurus have raved about crystal rollers, and with reason. They are a convenient tool to add in your skincare routine. Available in a variety of healing crystals such as jade, rose quartz and amethyst, Thera Crystal’s crystal rollers adds an aesthetic plus to your bathroom sink.

After applying your fave skincare products, using a crystal roller will help your skin absorb the products deeper into your face.

The under eye area can be tricky when performing a facial massage because of how delicate the area is. Thera Crystal’s crystal rollers are a duo-roller for your under eye and bigger facial zones such as your forehead and cheeks. Using the small side to massage your under eye will help prevent overstretching the skin and avoid causing more sagging and wrinkles.

Its size makes it easy to travel with, so you can give yourself a facial massage wherever you are!

Gua Sha (S Shape and Yin Shape)

Gua sha is an ancient predecessor of the crystal rollers and a popular tool among massage therapists, but they’ve recently made a comeback in the beauty community. If you’re looking to find a deeper facial massage, consider getting a gua sha.

Coming in many forms and sizes, the S shape and Yin shape gua shas are best used for under eye areas. Its curved shape allows the gua shas to mold perfectly with your cheekbones and provides a more intense manipulation to the under eye without overstretching your skin.

Made with different healing stones and natural materials, gua shas help relieve facial tension and adds a cooling sensation to your face. Apply your must-have facial moisturizer before using a gua sha to get more effective results, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and firm, yet supple.