How to Use Fitness Rollers and Do They Actually Work – Here’s the Research

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Foam fitness rollers are used by athletes to reduce muscle soreness, increase flexibility, and improve performance. Is it all in their heads or is there something to foam rolling we all should be taking note of – well, here’s the truth.

Little research has been done on using foam fitness rollers for muscle recovery and athletic performance. That said, what academic research is available does suggest foam rolling will improve athletic performance in some ways, increase flexibility, and reduce muscle soreness. Anyone who is deep into athletics and who’s hitting the gym 5 or more times a week, this is something to try.

Fitness rollers have been used for both pre-workout and post-workout purposes. In terms of using rollers in a pre-workout routine, it’s been shown to positively impact performance and flexibility while helping to maintain strength and ease soreness after the exercise is done. That said, it’s far from magic. As an athlete, you still need to invest the time to diet and exercise, and the gains made using fitness rollers will be relatively small to average. Even so, the numbers are still positive and for different people, it works differently.

Like other fitness habits, if it makes you feel better and if you see yourself getting benefits from it, there’s no reason to stop it. For many gym-goers who use fitness foam rollers, the difference between using and not using can be tremendous. When a foam roller is used, for some, it really elevates what they’re able to do in the gym. Then, there’s also the injury perspective. Let’s say you have to shoulder injury or a knee injury that causes you a lot of pain, foam rolling exercises can help to provide excellent relief. It’ll help loosen the muscles and promote healing in some impressive ways.

As with any fitness accessory, there is a right way and a wrong way to using it. So be sure your body is properly positioned, above all else. There are plenty of videos online on YouTube, and elsewhere which shows some different exercises and strategies in how to use it. Also, if you don’t have a fitness foam roller, currently has a Victoria Day 2019 sale with foam rollers on discount. Now’s a great opportunity to pick one up and get started. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we know the difference it can make. Give it a try and notice it for yourself.

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