I Made my Dad Try Secret Strips Overnight: Here Are The Results

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Hello one, hello all. So lately I’ve been really obsessed with learning about secret strips. I remember being asked to research them and when I did, practically nothing came up. Who figured. So I read the product manual which was totally confusing but I finally learned how to use them and what benefits they could give me. 

Now, there’s this myth that lots of grown ups tell us young people in our early twenties: “Oh you’re so young. You’re skin is fine. You don’t need any anti-aging skincare products; I need them more than you!” turns out they’re all wrong. The earlier you start taking care of your skin and preventing signs of aging, the better. To be honest, once you get to that stage of the aging process there aren’t that many ways, aside from fillers and botox that can help completely get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. So you heard here first, (probably) start young. Go nuts. Protect your skin. 

Although with only one night of Secret Strips Anti-Wrinkle Frown Line Strips, parts of my dad’s super duper deep forehead lines, disappeared. No fillers or botox needed. Don’t worry, I took pictures so you could stare in disbelief as well.

Here are the before and after pictures folks:

So now I’m going to walk you through what I did to help achieve these insane results. 

So after cleansing his face and making sure that all of the dirt from pollutants and other gross things were pretty much gone, I started by applying the hyaluronic acid that comes in each Secret Strips Anti Wrinkle Strips package.

What’s really great about this brand is that you can buy a mixed package of the strips to try all of them out or you can get a package of ten forehead strips. Probably what I’d go for if I were investing in this long term (which is the whole goal of these strips). 

What I mean by this is: When you go see the doctor for fillers and botox it is definitely more permanent than strips that you wear overnight. Which means that this isn’t a skincare product that you apply when you feel like it. It’s one that you apply in rotation according to a schedule so that true results can be seen. 

Secret Strips Anti-Wrinkle Frown Line Strips with Hyaluronic Acid

. . . 

So back to my dad. After I applied the HA (hyaluronic acid – It’s a complicated spell) I took the strip off of its protective layer – which is kind of annoying to take off. It’s kind of like trying to open a cardboard pack of pens. You never fully rip off the back but only make the cardboard thinner. Isn’t that just the most frustrating thing? 

But aside from that, once it’s off, I apply the strip onto my dad’s forehead and then proceed to apply another layer of HA to make sure everything is all good up there and the skin gets enough moisture. 

The coolest part is that the extra HA that I put on the outer layer of the patch will permeate because Secret Strips are made out of a water-soluble solution called microcrystalline gel.

 So it’s pretty much done after that you just let the strip and HA do its magic while you sleep. 

The next day he woke up, he peeled it off and we took the second picture above. He said it didn’t really disturb him which is great obviously (No, the peeling off part does not hurt – it’s more or less satisfying. Just like peeling a sheet mask off). 

He also said that it felt tight, which is totally normal. Once the strip is stuck on the surface of the skin, the honeycomb matrix underneath the white film, or otherwise known as protective layer, stretches your skin in six different directions after it reacts to the heat on the surface of your skin. 

So that about sums it all up. I was super impressed with the results that the strip had on my dad’s forehead. I think I may ask him to be my guinea pig again – so stay up to date for another blog of: “I made my dad try this!”

You can buy the Secret Strips Anti-Wrinkle Frown Line Strips or the mixed set right here!

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  1. Woahhh, that’s a huge difference. Really got rid of the fine lines. LOL @ your dad for volunteering to do this, wrinkle-free king

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