Is the Booster X2 Massager Gun Actually Worth It? Let’s Hear What the Experts Say!

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Hype surrounds massager guns. All sorts of claims are made, they look cool, and they seem like the sort of thing that would work. Is it as life-changing as it’s made out to be? That’s what we investigate here in this piece.

Massage guns are having a moment in the culture, particularly among athletes with aches and pains as well as everyday Canadians who are looking for some pain relief. They vary in cost, exceeding $600 for some brands. The Booster X2 massage gun has claims to it arguing its use increases blood flow, decreases lactic acid, and interrupts the brain’s pain cycle. A lot of consumers will tell you it’s a good investment. Here are the facts.

Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery from

If it works, it works and there’s not a whole lot of disputing that. So ultimately if you try a massage gun and find it helps, keep at it! They are a great alternative to actually having a person do a massage and are much more cost-effective. The Booster X2 massage gun is a powerful tool, providing comforts and features not a lot of other massage guns have. The 6 key benefits achieved through the massage gun is a clearing up of lactic acid and a building of muscles, release of knots, breaking down of scar tissue, reduction in recovery time, an increase in circulation, and an increase in range of motion.

Evaluating models outside of the Booster, you’ll find some work in a circular motion while others thump. Ideally, you want to find a massage gun with an adjustable intensity, speed, and/or pressure. This way, when you want something more intense, you have it and when you don’t, intensity settings allow you to back off. Some other considerations you may want to make regarding a massage gun is how heavy it is, how portable it is, how noisy it is, and how it applies towards the areas on your body you want addressed. Different massagers are built differently, meant to address specific parts or regions of one’s muscle network.

What's the best massage gun?
What’s the best massage gun?

Having used the Booster X2 massage gun, we can say with confidence that this model easily differentiates itself from other guns in two very big ways. The range of speed is wide, meaning more versatility in the types of massages you give. Also, the Booster has a new noise reduction technology incorporated into its design. Ultimately this means more quality in the massage and quiet at that.

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