Is there Scientific Support for Cupping

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For those that haven’t tried cupping, it’s something that everyone from Hollywood celebrities to Olympic athletes and Instagram influencers are giving a try. Some of the world’s top players are queuing up around the block to try cupping for themselves. As bad as it may look, cupping doesn’t hurt and actually has a laundry list of benefits to boot.

Chinese cupping, as it’s known to some, works by attaching small cups to the skin and creating suction. The muscles then lift, similar to how a massage presses the muscle downwards. It’s that simple. Then, following treatment and as you’ll find on different athletes or celebrities, you may see cupping marks that are akin to having a hickey. These generally tend to disappear within a few days however and from there, all you have are the benefits.

Cupping is claimed to do a lot for the body. Treating pain, massaging out scar tissue on the skin, reducing swelling, and eliminating muscle knots is just some of it. There is some scientific evidence to suggest all these things are true. Where there is some disagreement in the scientific community is in claims that cupping can be used as a detoxification treatment to eliminate toxins. Speak to any cupping practitioner and they will tell you all about its detoxification potential however scientists are not always on the same side.

Cupping detox is something that many celebrities have jumped on board with, under the assumption that it helps them lead a healthier life. That’s part of how cupping has come to become so popular. Cupping is nothing new though. In fact, it’s been practiced for literally thousands of years by the Egyptians and has been used in traditional Persian medicine. Even though it’s been around a long time though, this doesn’t mean it’s worth much scientifically. Scientists who want to disprove cupping suggest it is merely a placebo effect and nothing more.

Even with the scientific community being uncertain about what the merits are surrounding cupping, every person’s experience is different. A lot of people have had tremendous benefits from cupping supplies, particularly as a treatment for pain. For things like chronic neck pain or chronic lower back pain, it’s something that may provide immediate relief. There have also been trials suggesting cupping could be helpful for things like cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis, herpes, and acne among other conditions, although further study is required on these points.

For cupping supplies in Canada, you can visit Anyone who gives cupping a try – especially if you’re someone suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain – we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Although cupping marks are a little ugly we admit, if the results are freedom from pain, it’s more than worth a try for the many Canadians struggling with chronic pain.