Massage Supplies – Get Yours during Black Friday Sales!

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High quality massage supplies can sometimes be expensive, but not during Black Friday sales at! You can save up to 75% off on selected products. Go take a look on our website.

Massage Tables- Black Friday deals

Massage tables are the basic massage supplies to get during Black Friday sales. In fact, it is really important for the comfort of your client. If your client feel comfortable on your massage table, you have more chance to get a regular client that will refer you to his or her peers. At, we offer stationary massage tables, portable massage tables, and electric massage tables. They are made of different materials that can please the most difficult customer! Shop our massage tables now for Black Friday deals!

shop massage supplies -stationary massage table for black friday sales

Massage Oils, Gels, Creams and Lotions – Black Friday sales

It is essential to offer to your customer different type of massage supplies so they can choose which product they want on their skins. Some clients may prefer massage oils, gels, creams or lotions depending of the texture or the absorption of the product. Black Friday in Canada at made available many massage supplies to massage your clients. You can buy sets or big format at reduced price, enjoy these now!

Massage Chairs & Stools – Black Friday 2019

Having a good massage chair or stool is important for the back of the massotherapist. More and more, we are concerned about the importance of having ergonomic supplies at work. Ergonomic supplies can significantly decrease muscular tensions created at work due to repetitive movement. Buy our massage chairs during Black Friday online sales!

shop massage supplies- chairs and stools for black friday sales

Linens, sheets & pillowcases

For Black Friday 2019 deals, we sell many types of table sheets. Many fabrics are available like warm flannel, heavy duty jersey and luxurious, breathable percale massage table sheets. You can stock up during this event so you can have different fabrics for different season of the year. Also, some clients may be more chilly so they will prefer something warmer. Furthermore, we offer many colors and sizes to fit almost every table!

Black Friday sales is the moment of the year to shop and stock up for massage supplies for your clinic or your own personal use. Shop on our website and save up to 75% on selected items.