Most Common IASTM Mistakes for New Practitioners

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New IASTM practitioners still improving their knowledge may inevitably make some understandable mistakes. Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is still unfamiliar to many Canadians, both to alternative medicine circles and the general public. For novices, this article shows the most common IASTM mistakes that should not be reproduce.

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The most common IASTM mistake is being too aggressive. More pressure doesn’t produce more effective result. You only need to use about 10% of the pressure you would if it was a hand massage. Trust the patient’s feedback also. Notice signs you are pressing too hard on you client’s body. Skin should have a red tint. What should be avoided is anything rougher or broken on the skin’s surface. Bruising is also a sign of over treatment. Plain and simple, don’t give it rough. It’s a wellness treatment and it needs to be approached with grace, every times.

Applying too much oil

IASTM therapy relies on not using too much oil or emollient. It is another most common IASTM mistake. First-timers love to slather it on. As attractive as it smells and may look to you, it’s not something to do. We use emollient with instrument assisted therapy like this because the body doesn’t absorb it as quickly as massage creams and lotions. This means you can work slower without applying more. Excess results in plowing it around. All this will do is pick up dead skin cells. It could also lead to slippage. Apply proper technique with just enough oil and not an ounce more.

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Treating the whole of the patient

IASTM isn’t meant to treat only one part of the body. They should be incorporated on every body part. If a patient presents with pain, focus on that region but don’t forget the facial connections and muscular interactions. Ensure to treat above and below the joint. Remember, there are interactions between ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These can affect an injury. Always scan areas above and below a presented source of pain to see if further address is needed. Doing so will provide full view of what treatment is required.

The bevel

Practitioners buying IASTM tools in Canada may not realize the importance of a bevel. The beveled edge is one of the most important features of these instruments. The bevel’s an easy manner to apply more pressure. They can seem intimidating to use but with the right technique, very effective. Learn how to use it, maintain the angle in treatment, lighting pressure slightly on upstrokes, and go from there. The bevel helps to keep stress off the wrists and ultimately will achieve a happier patient.

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