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Incense comes in myriad different forms, depending on the particular tradition from which it is inspired and on its region of origin. The most popular types come from China, Japan, India and Tibet, and it can be sold loose or in stick forms. It can be a little bit disorienting trying and tell all these different types apart, and to find which kind really works for you.

Chinese and Tibetan incense Chinese incense tends to have a bamboo wood core, and it integrates ingredients sometimes found in Chinese Traditional Medicine, such as camphor. Tibetan incense, similarly, is also often used for medicinal purposes. Incense burning was used for some forms of worship, as well as for time keeping. These types are not as popular in Canada, and therefore can be hard to find. As genuine Tibetan incense is produced in monasteries or by medical professionals, buyers that are interested in experiencing it have to be wary of its origin: many people have tried to capitalize on its appeal. Lierre Incense Shoyeido Ceramic Incense Holder