ShinLin Acupuncture Needles in Canada – the Acupuncturist’s Choice

ShinLin™ 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles 1000 / box
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As acupuncturists ourselves, we know the dangers of prescription medications used by Canadians who struggle with pain on a daily basis. Acupuncture has the power to instantly treat symptoms of pain and discomfort with the best needles.

When searching for acupuncture needles, every practitioner wants the best brand for their business. There is no alternative to good quality treatment and service. For acupuncture to be effective and comfortable for the client, you need the best of Canada’s acupuncture needle brands.

buy shinlin acupuncture needles from
buy shinlin acupuncture needles from

So many acupuncturists prefer ShinLin as their needle of choice. There are many reasons why. The price is affordable, you can customize the diameter and length you desire, and it’s a very eco-friendly choice. By buying in bulk you can also save on shipping and packaging. All in all, ShinLin is an excellent brand to purchase.

Performance-wise, ShinLin acupuncture needles are created with surgical grade stainless steel. They are also easy to manipulate because they have a spring-style handle. Additionally, ShinLin acupuncture needles have a pain-free insertion. This can be comforting for patients who are nervous around needles because they will know that they won’t feel them being inserted.

ShinLin acupuncture needles from

A lot of Canadians know what acupuncture is, how it works, and that it’s  a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, some people who have never received an acupuncture treatment may not know this. If this is the case, you will need a needle that comes with confidence. The last thing anyone wants is for a needle to bend, break, cause pain, or create an infection. This will never happen with ShinLin brand needles.

ShinLin needles are thoroughly sterilized in a needle tip protection packaging design, ensuring they arrive to you un-punctured and ready to use. They’re individually packaged which makes it quicker and easier to use. This makes the treatments fast, efficient, and cost-effective. You can buy 100 needles in a box, or 1,000 needles per box as well. These quantities are available for any practitioner’s needs.

ShinLin™ 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles 1000 / box

ShinLin has been used successfully in a number of clinics in Canada. ShinLin acupuncture needles have been successful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health distress in some ex-military members. They have improved sleep in insomnia sufferers, and helped young business-minded professionals focus. Lastly, it has also helped to control acute and chronic pain. In fact, pain managementt has never been more promising in Canada, with acupuncture as an alternative to opioid medication to manage ongoing discomfort.

Acupuncturists can pick up TCM supplies like Shin Lin and other key brand names from You will never have to worry about a defective needle or bad quality acupuncture supplies again. Affordable, quality-guaranteed acupuncture supplies are readily available from