Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home for COVID-19

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If you have a family or roommates, cleaning and disinfecting your home becomes more important. COVID-19 spreads easily. Fortunately, it’s also easily killed with soap and water and disinfectants. Here’s what to do.

Step 1 – Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces

Common touch-points should be routinely cleaned. Think tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, computer keyboards and monitors, faucets, and more. You can employ soap and water for this step.

Step 2 – Use Disinfectant After Cleaning

After surfaces are cleaned with soap and water, go over them with disinfectant. Find a disinfectant cleaner you like and spray it. Let it sit and dry. You don’t want to spray and wipe disinfectant. It must soak and dry.

Step 3 – Soft Surfaces

Carpets, rugs, and drapes are soft surfaces. Clean them with soap and water, if appropriate. Disinfect them afterward with a product like Opti-Cide3 Healthcare Grade Disinfectant Cleaner Surface Sprayer 710ml. This will kill any trace of coronavirus on the surface.

Step 4 – Your Electronics

Browse for medical disinfectants that apply to your electronics. Tablets, keyboards, touchscreens, and remove controls should all get sprayed and wiped down. Any sort of disinfectant-based cleaning product should also contain at least 60% alcohol. Anything less probably won’t work to the full extent at killing COVID-19.

Step 5 – Don’t Forget to Clean Your Hands

Throughout all this cleaning, you should be washing your hands relatively often for 20 seconds every time and with soap. When soap and water aren’t available, use hand sanitizer or a germicidal spray. Any time you sneeze or cough, after using the restroom, before eating, and following an interaction with another person, you should be washing your hands.

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Step 6 – Is Someone Living With You Who Has COVID-19?

If someone living with you is sick, your responsibility to clean and disinfect goes up. Ideally, you want to keep them in a separate bedroom and with a separate bathroom. Limit your exposure around the person. They should be as isolated as possible.

Contrary to what one might believe, cleaning and disinfecting the room of someone sick with COVID-19 should only happen when absolutely necessary.

Give them their space. Leave them isolated until they are fully recovered after 14 days. Minimize exposure and clean any areas suspected of contamination, such as their door handles or dirty dishes.

Step 7 – Evaluate Your Inventory

You don’t want to run out of disinfectant spray, cleaners, or germicidal spray. Order enough to ensure you aren’t going to run out in the days ahead. When you’re halfway through, order more. is a great resource. Canadian-based, has every type of medical disinfectant and it’s delivered right to your front door. When you’re running low, that’s where you want to order.