Take The Quiz: What Crystal Are You Most Like?

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Track your answers to see which letter you got the most of (A’s, B’s, C’s, or D’s). Explanations are at the bottom of the blog post!

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If you got mostly A’s

You’re most like the Rose Quartz.

You’re loving by nature. Like the rose quartz, you’re always there for the one’s that you care about during difficult times. You’re a motivating figure in the lives of those close to you and also have a deep connection with yourself and the energy that you emit.

If you got mostly B’s

You’re most like the Obsidian

You’re protective. The obsidian is known as the shield. You’re someone who will always protect yourself or those very close to you. Your mind is clear and you know what you want out of life. You don’t let obstacles get in your way, whether they be emotional or physical. Only good vibes over here!

If you got mostly C’s

You’re most like Amethyst

You’re Sincere. Like the Amethyst you’re calm by nature. You feel best at your most honest and people trust in you and your humility. Stress doesn’t get to you as much as it will affect others around you. That is why others will come to you to relieve their doubts and worries. Oh, and you also love to sleep!

If you got mostly D’s

You’re most like the Moonstone

You’re all about inner growth. The moonstone sparks creativity and fresh beginnings. You’re not the kind to hold a grudge or get hung up on something. You see every obstacle as a learning opportunity. You’re intuitive and mature. You also help reassure others about their problems and help them grow from their misadventures. You’re truly a one to never look back.