This Squat Challenge will Fire Up your Lower Body

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This squat challenge is going to have your lower body pumping with blood and will help build strength across your legs, glutes, and hips. It’s a great way to build performance and works in preventing injuries.

The squat challenge focuses on a core group of six exercises.  Do a set of each and before you really get going, complete enough repetitions until you feel your muscles burning. This may happen after five, 10, or 30 reps. Whatever the number is, record them. Every week, you’re going to focus on increasing your repetitions by 10-20 percent until 30 days are up. Do this for a month and see how you feel.

The six exercises are your basic squat, a lateral lunge, a hip hike, a single leg reach and touch, a jump squat, and a single-leg squat. Each of these exercises are going to build strength, increase metabolism, and get your fat loss really going. If you’re in need of something extra to help relax your muscles and ensure you prevent injury, consider acupuncture for fat loss. Speaking to an experienced acupuncture practitioner, this is an ideal method of relaxation and a great way to relieve tension.

Does acupuncture cure weight loss – not quite but it certainly helps. In combination with a dedicated routine of squats and more, your lower body’s going to give you all the energy and motivation your body needs to cut weight. In addition, you’ll find yourself faster and stronger. Runners and hikers love these sort of squat challenges because it builds endurance where they need it most – in their legs. It also helps prepare their joints for their next performance.

Squats a great exercise that a lot of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts highly recommend incorporating into one’s workouts. That’s because the places squats hit – the glutes, hips, and legs – are prone to injury. Everyone from high-performance athletes to seniors inevitably experience trouble in these areas. Squats are a core leg exercise that, when combined with the other five exercises in this challenge, equip your lower muscle groups with everything they need to stay strong.

Do keep in mind you need to do your baseline at the beginning of the month before embarking on your squat training challenge. Don’t push yourself on these. Give yourself an honest rating because you’re going to need to duplicate these every day for the next month.

As equally important as it is to get these exercises done, rest is needed as well. A recommended way to de-stress, improve circulation, and help your lower body strength-building process along is acupuncture. Buy your acupuncture needles today from Canada’s own