Toiletry Bag Essentials for Your Body Care Routine

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There is no better feeling of relief when you’ve finally reached your hotel room after spending hours up in the air. At this point, your body is sore, your eyes and skin feel dry, and you probably don’t smell the freshest, but at least you have a sink where you can put your toiletry bag unlike inside the airplane lavatory. Here are the things I like to keep in my toiletry bag when travelling abroad.

Toiletry Bag

You’ll need a toiletry bag, of course. A toiletry bag does more than a makeup bag. Unlike a makeup bag, the toiletry bag features multiple compartments and can hold more items in different shapes and sizes. 

Bleu Lavande’s Extravagance Soap

Most hotels provide cheap soaps they can easily dispose when the next customer arrives. So, why not treat your skin with Bleu Lavande’s moisturizing Extravagance Soap? Infused with essential oils, this soap leaves your skin clean and hydrated with a natural fresh aroma. carries Bleu Lavande soaps in many scents, but I prefer using its lavender soap because of its soothing properties. A whiff of its lavender fragrance helps release any tension from my body and allows me to sleep better at night.

The Extravagance soap is small enough to fit in any toiletry bag and also comes in a light packaging which helps prevent the soap from damage and overall mess.

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Ginseng Foot Patch

A must-have that not many people know about is the Ginseng Foot Patch. After spending hours walking around tourist attractions and lifting your baggage from the airport to your hotel room, you’ll probably end up sore and tired, especially your feet since they did all the hard work. This foot patch soothes your feet from muscle soreness and discomfort. They’re also offered in 3 different options: wood vinegar, peppermint and rosemary, and the original ginseng.

Since they come in slim packages, you can easily slide a foot patch in the flap of’s toiletry bag for easy access while ensuring it is tightly sealed.

Choco Mint Hand and Body Milk

Not only does this smell like chocolate, but L’Herbier’s Choco Mint Hand and Body Milk leaves a satisfying tingly sensation on my hands. You’ll notice a hint of mint when sniffing your hands after using this! And not many public bathrooms have lotions laying on the toilet sink, so might as well have one in handy when travelling abroad.

L’Herbier soaps are known for using organic ingredients and for their wholesome fragrances. Made in collaboration with well-known Canadian chocolatier and ice cream shop Laura Secord, the Choco Mint Hand and Body Milk holds a soft spot for Québec locals.

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