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Black Friday is coming very soon, and Lierre.ca has come up many gifts and an up to 90% Off discounts. This is the biggest sale of the year that you do not want to miss!

This is the best way to wrap up holidays purchase, on Black Friday, Lierre.ca has come up with discounts that you have never seen.

  1. Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping
    The Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping is our best-selling cupping. Our recurring Cupping students, or customers love the grip, and the sensation when using the Jade Soft™ line because it is just so much softer to use, and not extra pressure. But guess what? These are at 50% OFF during our famous Black Friday Sale!
  2. Rose Quartz Crystal Roller
    Am I the only one that just love Rose Quartz, I hope not because it is an amazing crystal. It is just so beautiful, and makes a person’s mood way better. Recently, this product has been changed for a better quality frame, plus, the frame is in Rose Gold, you just cannot walk past these right. The combination between the roller and rose quartz just give an extra brightening effect, and tonify your skin due to uneven skin tone. Rollers will constantly keep your face well detoxify. These will be 20% OFF!

  3. Ultrasonic Aroma Glass Diffuser
    We cannot talk about Black Friday sale without diffusers, one of our most popular products out there. Aromatherapy has changed the lives of many, and it just helps small little problems without taking anything unnatural. If you were looking for diffuser for a friend, or family, or just yourselves, our diffuser is going to big sale, up to 50% OFF, and our newest and luxurious ones are at 50% OFF, and we do not have many left. So, get going! 
  4. Crystal Water Bottle
    Although this one is not particular on sale, but it is like a 1+1 type of sale. This is my favorite products of all, it is the best if you are trying to change your routine, by drinking more water. Plus, it includes everything to protect your bottle from breaking, by using the sleeves that comes with it. Plus, if you order one Crystal Water Bottle of your choice, you can choose another crystal for free, how convenient is that? And also, if you cannot choose between two crystals, now you got the option to get both!
  5. Travel Kit and accessories 
    After Black Friday, it is already time to buy our plane ticket to go for holidays, if you have not purchased yours yet. Is it not natural, you also need the perfect travel kit to travel with. In my last blog post, I mentioned certain tools you can buy to stay organized, stress-free and efficient during the whole trip. You can get the Packing cubes and the Travel Passport Holder, and you will enjoy 10x more your trip. And, in this category, you get up to 70% OFF!lierre-ca-travel-passport-holder

Here, wraps up, all must-haves our Lierre Friends should get, especially in these discounts! But these are not the only discounts that is going to be set up, there are much more.