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If you’re short on Valentine’s Day gift ideas this year, Lierra.ca wants to help. Although it can be one of the most polarizing holidays we celebrate in North America, the ‘official day of romance’ is still a huge opportunity to have an absolutely amazing day with your loved one. Celebrate your relationship with any of these gifts.

Healing teas

If you’ve got a tea lover on your hands, give them something they’re not going to find at the grocery store. Healing teas like green longjing tea, Sri Lanka black tea, Tie Guanyin tea, white An Ji tea, and Wuyi Rock tea are available for purchase. Just as therapeutic as they are aromatic, you may want to jump at the chance to give them something special without spending a ton!

Chakra stone set

There are 7 major Chakra centers in our physical body. In these areas, vital energy flows and intersects. Through Chakras, we all transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy with what’s around us. A beautifully romantic Valentine’s Day, your Chakra stone set comes equipped with amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, quartz crystal, tiger eye, green jade, and red carnelian.

Tree of Life pendant

In clear quartz, your Tree of Life pendant is made from a stone with some massively powerful attributes. A Valentine can use this Tree of Life pendant for both healing and as an energy recharger, connecting someone with positive energy. An ancient stone, when used in a tree of life arrangement, it can symbolize truth, wisdom, knowledge, protection, beauty, abundance, and growth – all important themes in a loving relationship.

Aromatherapy oil diffuser

This high quality luxe essential oil diffuser comes in a glass nebulizer design and uses cold vaporization to release the aromatherapy of essential oils. Through this process, you’re avoiding altering the oil and heating. A great way to fight against airborne bacteria, virus, mildew, pet smells, tobacco smoke, and more, this is a great Valentine’s Day gift for those interested in healing, health, fitness, or wellness.

Shop these and more at Lierre.ca. All on official Valentine’s Day sale, we’re glad to offer these gorgeous gifts perfect for him and her this February 14!