What a Percussion Massage Gun is Used For?

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Percussion therapy has the potential to be the key that unlocks your body’s true muscle recovery. To clarify, percussion therapy is practiced with a massage gun that allows you to spend more hours at the gym, pushing yourself to your outer limits and still have a way to bounce back quickly with minimal soreness.

How does percussion gun works?

Percussion therapy is a breakthrough treatment and it is still relatively new to the market. These percussion provide rapid bursts of pressure, almost like a punching. In other words, it happens in short and concentrated motions, enhancing the repairment of muscle fibers. Circulation increases, maximizing pain relief and improving range of motion as well as function.

The best massage gun for you enhances flexibility, performance, and the body’s physical response to physical work. Applied to the muscles, percussion relax connective tissue no matter how thick it is. Adhesion and internal scar tissues break down. The circulation’s increase also brings your blood its nutrients and oxygen, jumpstarting healing.

The fact of being an athlete and hitting the gym 5-7 times a week or as needed for training means you’re asking your body a lot to work with. It needs to be pushed, just like it needs its rest. After intense workouts, it’s natural for the body to feel sore. In fact, your body needs recovery and rest in order to give space for gains. Unfortunately, sometimes the soreness lasts too long. A balanced routine involves caring and paying attention on recovery, as much as you push at the gym. With a percussion massage gun, you can recover faster than ever.

What are the benefits?

A percussion muscle recovery tool like this is meant to relieve deep, sharp muscle pain. Have an issue with delayed onset muscle soreness? Use one of these immediately after your workout. Traditional massages by machine or human hand are not able to penetrate the same areas. Percussion manages the pain instantly, providing relief that lasts until your next workout.

World class Olympic-level athletes are using massage guns like this. It’s aggressive work but it’s effective. A recent study of percussion therapy found it treats muscle fibers up to 30 times more effectively than regular massage.

Who should use percussion massage guns? Anyone who is physically active. If you aren’t athletic or regularly engaged in some sort of activity, you may find the experience too intense. Fortunately, there are muscle guns like Booster that are less powerful in term of intensity. Adding percussion therapy on the tail of a long day’s work improve considerably recovery, health, wellness, and a level of comfort you might not have experienced in a long time.

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