What Are the Differences Between Smooth and Crepe Medical Exam Table Paper

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Medical exam table paper is used in medical offices and by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. You will find it spread across treatment chairs and massage tables as well as any other furniture that comes into contact with the patient.

Exam table paper is protection, above all else. Between the patient and the treatment table, medical exam table paper is the only barrier. It helps keep away harmful micro-organisms and bacteria, minimizing the spread of such from person to person. As well as being a barrier against cross-contamination, the paper will also protect your table from oils, creams, and gels, thereby reducing the likelihood of stains or permanent marks.

Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca
Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca

There are two main textures to medical exam table paper. There’s smooth or crepe. Both offer similar protection, the price is negligible, and ultimately though there are some key differences, your choice comes down to preference. For example, smooth medical exam table paper are machine-glazed which provides a finish that is moisture-resistant with no penetration able to happen whatsoever. This type of table paper is tear-resistant and provides a comfortable, professional appearance like you want.

The next option of course if crepe table paper which are textured in the way a home’s paper towel can be. Crepe medical exam paper is opaque and generally softer than what smooth examination table paper is. The textures incorporated into crepe table paper makes it so that there’s less slipping to the paper. This can mean a more comfortable experience for the client or patient. Crepe is also notoriously less noisy than other paper types as it’s being rolled out or as a patient’s setting themselves up on it.

When you come to buy examination paper, think of the advantages you want. If you’re more a moisture-resistant and tear-resistant kind of person, smooth is definitely for you. Alternatively, crepe’s more absorbent, is quieter, softer, more resistant to slipping, and many practitioners believe it to the more comfortable option of the two. These are the main differences between smooth and crepe medical exam table paper.

Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca
Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca

As mentioned, both paper types do the same job in the sense that they protect against germs, bacteria, and other contagions. They will protect your furniture and the patient in the same manner. Ultimately, it comes down to the sort of experience you want the patient to have.

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