What Can Moxa Treat? Is it Safe and Effective?

What moxa can treat and benefits of moxa - Lierre.ca Canada
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You may have heard of moxibustion in Canada recently. It is a form of heat therapy, known as ‘moxa’. The process of moxibustion involves burning dried plant materials near or directly on the skin. Moxibustion is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and can invigorate the flow of energy through the body.

Moxa sticks in Canada are made from dried leaves like mugwort and other plants. As mentioned, the burning of moxa can happen directly on the skin, however in Canada it is far more common for practitioners to burn close to the skin rather than touch it. These sticks look like over-sized cigars. They are placed over acupuncture points, specific to the conditions or symptoms the person is looking to address. An inch or two directly above the surface of the skin, the warmth on the skin becomes targeted.

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What can Moxa Treat?

There are many moxibustion benefits, and moxa can treat dozens of common diagnoses. Oftentimes, it’s a remedy for arthritis or injury pain, constipation or digestive problems, some gynecological and obstetrical conditions, and to protect against symptoms of cold and flu.

Furthermore, as long as you have moxa rolls handy, you can perform moxibustion at home. In fact, it’s somewhat common for practitioners to teach patients how to perform it on themselves so that they can continue their journey of healing away from a clinic or medical office.

Zen smokeless moxa sticks from Lierre.ca Canada

Is Moxibustion Effective?

As for the conditions mentioned, moxibustion can be very effective. During treatment, you can expect to feel warmth radiating down through your body. It feels like sitting in front of a fire, but on a specific body part. The heat can effectively take care of pain and help to reprogram the body to re-interpret different symptoms it’s handling.

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Is Moxibustion Safe?

Moxibustion in Canada is very safe. Treatment is adjustable according to your comfort level. Plus, the moxa roll does not touch the skin which means no scarring or burning. There are therefore no real risks with moxibustion, as it relies solely on the body’s response to the treatment. Even individuals who may not see significant benefits are not at risk. That being said, we do recommend if someone is pregnant to not engage in moxibustion.

With moxa’s popularity on the rise in Canada, we hope to see moxibustion be considered a recommended alongside acupuncture and chiropractic work as a necessary, sometimes recommended medical treatment for pain. For moxa rolls, sticks, and moxibustion accessories, visit Lierre.ca.