What Can We Do to Protect Our Eyes and Ears

What Can We Do to Protect Our Eyes and Ears
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Our eyes and ears. We use them every minute of every day and often without knowing it. They are so important. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be able to live the same life without sight and hearing. However, given the fact that we use them so frequently, they can be fragile to be exposed to the outside environment every second. It is 100 per cent essential to protect eyes and ears to maintain our wellness. 

There are things we can do to protect our eyes and ears, physically speaking. Safely goggles protecting against dangerous settings. Earplugs to guard against loud noises. Wearing a sunglass to prevent the harm from direct sunshine or a pair of anti-radiation glasses when using computers.  What’s rarely explored when it comes to ear protection or eye protection is nutrition.

New Nordic Ear Tone Tablets
New Nordic Ear Tone Tablets

Nutrition gives our bodies the ingredients it needs to maintain its health, heal, and take care of themselves. What we eat plays a huge role in eye and ear health. Here is some information on foods and nutrition for vision and hearing that will give you the internal supports they need.


Folate is a great pro-ear health chemical. Folate is found in leafy greens but can also be in supplement form. Deficiencies in folate can affect the nervous system and the vascular system associated with hearing. Check your levels. If it’s one thing you’re missing, change your diet or take a supplement. The difference it makes could be significant. We often hear that folate is the perfect nutrition for pregnant to provide needed elements to support new-borns because folate is essential to develop organs.  

Beta carotene and blueberry

Beta carotene is found predominantly in carrots. When it comes to nutrition for eyes, beta carotene is where it’s at. It is known to be closely associated with eye health. In some cases, it can improve vision. In others, it is preventative. The body uses beta carotene to manufacture vitamin A, another key component to protecting the eyes and ears. As well, blueberries play an important role in nourishing the macula in the centre of the eye. They can help protect eyesight in conditions of age-related macular degeneration. New Nordic Blue Berry Strong Eyesight Management Tablets from Lierre.ca contains deep purple coloured Scandinavian blueberries. 

New Nordic Blue Berry Strong Eyesight Management Tablets
New Nordic Blue Berry Strong Eyesight Management Tablets


Glutathione is found in eggs, garlic, avocados, asparagus, and onions. When we’re talking nutrition for eye health, glutathione-strong foods are a great preventative. They are known to prevent cataracts and are an effective preventive against a number of degenerative conditions.


Lutein is in spinach, leafy vegetables, and corn. Lutein is a great nutritional component for eye and ear health. It’s been shown to prevent oxidative damage related to the retina. A lutein supplement of 1,000 mcg/day is a smart investment. 

Vitamin C

The best eye and ear protection are based around nutrition like vitamin C. Found in fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is a preventative. Those who consume enough of it are less likely to see conditions present related to the eyes and ears. Try to balance your diet if you are a meat lover because intaking vitamin C from fruits and vegetables is the most natural way, and you do not need to take vitamin C pills every day. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can help improve vision. It is believed it protects eye cells from free radicals which are known to break down healthy eye tissue. If you believe yourself to be prone to age-related degeneration or the formation of cataracts, consider it.


Tinnitus relief may be available with certain supplements, zinc being one of them. Zinc boosts our immune system, aids in cell growth and has been shown to ward off the bacteria and germs known to cause ear infections. In treating tinnitus in individuals with normal hearing, zinc is recommended and believed to be an effective, safe treatment.