What is an Acupuncture TDP Lamp and The Benefits

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An acupuncture TDP lamp is a non-invasive, Chinese invention that takes philosophies of acupuncture and re-applies them to electromagnetic frequencies. The ‘TDP’ in TDP lamp signifies ‘thermal design lamp’. Through a study of energy healing techniques and the frequencies our own body generates, this lamp produces a highly effective and positive result in qualifying patients.

The design of an acupuncture TDP lamp works from a mineral plate coated in 33 body essential minerals. These are all produced naturally in the body and are used to repair and rebuild. What you get when you turn on a TDP lamp is an increase in mineral content. The mineral plate heats  up, which helps to loosen the minerals. At the same time, infrared spectrum is launched with absorption of up to five inches. The the minerals are then released from the mineral plate and carried into the body through infrared rays, absorbing inches deep into tissue and our circulatory system.

What is a TDP lamp?
What is a TDP lamp?

If you are an athlete that experienced an injury, TDP lamps provide targeted treatment that can help speed up healing. Do you experience aches and pains at the end of the day? This can also help you. Dealing with a chronic condition like arthritis? You may benefit from a thermal design lamp like this. The popular conditions usually associated with acupuncture TDP lamp treatment include skin conditions such as psoriasis, sore muscles, and back pain.

For the infrared heat therapy lamp to work, it must be placed at a distance of approximately 12 inches away from the target. This will ensure no burning on the body. The far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body, but still require close placement. Once minerals and the infrared heat have secured placement on the body, micro-circulation kicks in, which makes blood starts to flow. As this happens, cellular waste products are moved out, and fresh nutrients and oxygen flow in. If there are areas of the body that have been stagnant in circulation, heat lamp therapy kick things into high gear and get these areas the healing they need.

So, where does ‘acupuncture’ come in on an acupuncture TDP lamp? Well, acupuncture practices use needles to press into the body and target specific acupuncture points. Most of the time, you may combine an infrared heat lamp with acupuncture to penetrate these release points, ensuring you get the most from a treatment. The result of a combination of acupuncture and a heat therapy lamp is relaxation.

TDP Lamps from Lierre.ca
What is a TDP lamp?

Are you looking for a TDP lamp in Canada? Visit Lierre.ca. With or without acupuncture, this is a treatment that inhibits healing at a faster rate than the body can produce naturally. Your body won’t be able to resist all-natural, non-invasive, and risk-free healing!