What Kind of IASTM Tools for Beginners to Pick – Recommendations on Using Graston Tools

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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization puts to work inexpensive Graston tools to deliver one of the most effective muscle treatments there is. There are over 100 IASTM tools out there, some inherently more expensive than others. Needless to say, you don’t need to spend $1,000s. So if you’re a beginner, here are some recommendation on how to get started.

Buffalo horn is the cheapest IASTM tools available. If you’re a beginner, buffalo horn is a decent place to start. Although buffalo horn isn’t going to provide a good quality in the long run, for testing IASTM, they work well because they minimize the cost investment. There’s also jade, a gemstone. There are many IASTM tools made from jade, which can be made to various different shapes, edges, and smoothness. Jade is more slippery than a buffalo horn but is a higher quality by far. That said, jade is more fragile than buffalo horn. If you’re going for a jade feel, a lot of practitioners and general consumers go to stainless steel.

What is Iastm?
What is Iastm?

Unless you are harboring a lot of doubts about continuing or getting started with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, the recommended IASTM tools are made of stainless steel. Unquestionably, stainless steel makes the highest quality tools you can have. If you are serious about IASTM, go stainless steel. They come with unparalleled feel, durability, and carry a good weight to them. Stainless steel is just as portable as and even more effective than other alternatives. The only complaint anyone can have about stainless steel is the grip can be slippery.

Browsing a catalogue like Canada’s own Lierre.ca, you’ll find a lot of accessories and IASTM products or tools. We work with practitioners all over Canada in treating sports injuries, and a variety of muscle or soft tissue soreness and pain. Stainless steel is our recommended go-to because we bank on quality. When you shop with Lierre.ca, we want you to know you’re going to receive the best quality tools possible. Stainless steel is exactly that and you feel it on your shoulders, back, arms, legs, or wherever you choose to apply it.

Stainless Steel IASTM tools Half Moon Deluxe Bundle (5 Pieces) from Lierre.ca

Come to buy IASTM accessories and you will find both individual Graston tools as well as IASTM kits, sets, and collections ready and available. These are medical grade stainless steel pieces, usable for IASTM, gua sha, and Graston technique. Using them on yourself, they can reach deep areas hands or fingers can’t. You can apply as much pressure as you so desire, as gentle or aggressive as you want to have your treatment. For beginners, the two tools you can use to get going are an edge tool which has different edges and easy grip to it, and then, a hawk grips Graston tool which has a handle. Get both and more at Lierre.ca today.