What Supplies Do I Need to Build My Massage Clinic?

What Supplies Do I Need to Build My Massage Clinic?
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Starting a new massage clinic business, you’ve got a lot of supplies to pick up. Fortunately, massage supplies aren’t very expensive and match a lot of what’s used in similar type spas or salons. This means supplies are available and can easily be ordered from marketplaces like Lierre.ca. Here’s our quick list of massage supplies to open a massage clinic with.

Massage table

You can’t give massages if you don’t have a massage table, plain and simple. Every massage therapist works with a different budget and has different needs. Not every business needs an expensive high-end table. Choose the design that you need, from electric to portable massage tables, lightweight shiatsu futons, and other common massage furniture. Considering your massage practice is built in large part around the table, opt to buy the massage table first. This way, you won’t run out of budget on the necessities.

Classic Portable Massage Table - Lierre
Classic Portable Massage Table – Lierre

Linens and sheets

If you have to stain something accidentally, you don’t want it to be something as expensive as your massage table. Linens and sheets are to protect your table, make your client feel more comfortable, and give off a look of professionalism. If you have a client that walks in and sees a massage table that hasn’t been sheeted, a number of questions may come to mind – is the massage table clean, is it sanitary, has someone’s naked body already been on it, etc. Cover your table, make it comfortable for the client, and minimize the possibility of disruptive thoughts.

Bolsters and pillows

Once you have your massage table set up, you need massage bolsters and pillows to position clients comfortably where you need them. Bolsters and pillows provide added support in body areas that the client may not be able to support themselves. There are all types and sizes of bolsters and pillows, many of which are worth hanging onto for people who need a little extra cushion across their backs, legs, or wrists.

Full 3/4 Round Bolsters
Full 3/4 Round Bolsters

Massage oils, gels, and creams

Massage oils come in kinds of scents, consistencies, and types. They can be your traditional oils and lotions or they can be gels and creams. Always ensure the massage oils and gels you buy come ethically sourced and natural. From marketplaces like Lierre.ca, you have hypoallergenic oils, pain analgesic creams and lotions, and delightful skincare products that can double as a massage cream.

Massage accessories

Depending on the massage services you offer at your massage clinic, you will probably want doubles of the massage tools you’re going to be using. In this category of supplies you have acupressure rings, massage rollers, face massage silicone brushes, percussion massage guns, massage balls, trigger point massager, and more.

Massage Table Armrest Sling
Massage Table Armrest Sling

See all these massage supplies and more to start your own massage business with from Lierre.ca. Everything you need from one store. Maximize your discount and minimize your spending. No difficulty in retrieving anything. It’s all there for you to choose from the comfort of your own seat!