Where to Order Non-Medical Face Masks in Canada

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Disposable face mask used in Covid-19

Looking for non-medical face masks for Canadians has proven to be challenging with stores empty of them. The solution for most has either been to make their own or order face masks in Canada online.

There are both reusable and disposable masks available, with the benefits of both worth mentioning. Reusable masks, of course, are a one-time purchase if you can keep them in functional shape. They do require a proper wash and disinfecting though, and can be troublesome to maintain.

Disposable face masks are often bought in bulk. They are worn one and done. You wear a disposable mask once or until it is damp. At that time, you remove it and toss it in the trash. Fortunately, the protection given by disposable and reusable masks is virtually the same. An individual has to be wearing the mask correctly.

One of the best places to find disposable non-medical face masks in Canada is online. Unfortunately, stores aren’t carrying very many due to supply shortages. We hope to see that change, however, as of now there are still significant supply chain shortages.

Lierre.ca is a Canadian retailer specializing in self-care and natural, organic products. Non-medical face masks are being sold through Lierre.ca, able to be shipped with priority and delivered to anywhere in Canada. If you can’t find face masks in your local area, order on Lierre.ca. The process is very easy.

Non-surgical face masks can be purchased in bulk at an affordable cost via Lierre.ca and marketplaces just like it. Stocking up is also a smart move. Whether you’re a household with multiple people coming and going, or you just want to be ready for a potential second wave come autumn, it doesn’t hurt to have disposable face masks in your home ready to be worn.

Non-medical face masks have been shown to limit community transmission of COVID-19. Households who haven’t yet jumped on board, there’s a lot of reason to. Particularly if you’re working or living in a large city such as Toronto or Montreal, face masks reduce the probability that an asymptomatic person or a symptomatic COVID-19 carrier will pass on the virus to acquaintances, family members, and other Canadians.

There are also increasing reports of places putting firm requirements in place for face masks. Pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare centers, banks, grocery stores, government buildings, and various other commercial properties are all either firmly encouraging face mask use or are mandating it. Regardless of how one feels about wearing a face mask, the fact remains that they’re going to continue to be a part of our society for many months to come.

Purchase non-medical face masks in Canada online from Lierre.ca and have them delivered straight to your front door contact-free. Visit us today.