Why Does My COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Need Alcohol In It – see the answer!

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Hand rubs and gels, and other types of hand sanitizers being used to fight COVID-19 are manufactured from the same simple ingredient – alcohol.

Alcohol is an antiseptic. It is used in disinfectants to kill germs and bacteria in a variety of environments. As the result of pandemic, hospitals, manufacturing, shipping, pharmaceutical, retail, grocery stores, and long-term care homes are just some of the places where hand sanitizers are in high-demand to against Covid-19.

You may have heard alcohol-based hand sanitizers should have a concentration of 60% and above, but why alcohol is no necessary ? because it’s the alcohol that acts as the killer of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Combined with water at the desired concentration and you maximize effectiveness. Less than the minimum and your sanitizer won’t work so well. Alternatively, if you climb above 75% alcohol in any hand sanitizer, you begin to lose some of the effectiveness just like you would if you had less than the minimum amount of alcohol.

Choose a sanitizer like the Hydrapure Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol from Lierre.ca. Another reason why you want to get your alcohol concentration levels right is a reduction in risk of toxic fumes or combustion. When alcohol reacts with air, light, and oxygen, unstable peroxides form. A hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol is less flammable, more effective, reduces the risk of something bad happening, and has enough moisture to evaporate slower thereby increasing contact time.

Hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada

A lot of issues exist around alcohol used in hand sanitizers. First of all, they are very flammable. Secondly, they are toxic if ingested. Thirdly, repeated use of alcohol hand rubs and sanitizers removes the natural oils from the surface of our skin. This leads to dryness, cracking, and even dermatitis-like symptoms in some people. This type of disinfectant also can damage or fade walls and flooring.

Considering all the issues around alcohol-based sanitizers, why we as a society use them is because they work. In fighting COVID-19, hand sanitizers and liquid hand rubs have been an invaluable resource. They’re easy to use, can be used often, and are inexpensive to produce.

Something like IC-GEL, Antiseptic Skin Gel (Hand Sanitizer) is easily carried in one’s pocket and used frequently, can give an added layer of protection beyond social distancing. In fact, disinfectants and portable sanitizers are far more effective than face masks at reducing the transmission of coronavirus.

If you aren’t yet carrying with you COVID-19 hand sanitizer, consider it. Even if you can’t find sanitizer in-store, Lierre.ca still has a warehouse fully stocked. Drop by our store, buy sanitizer in Canada online, get it dropped off at your front door. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer are an effective defence against coronavirus. With sanitizers being in short supply Canada-wide, online shopping via Lierre.ca is a stress-free, easy way to pick up this key supply.