Why is Konjac Sponge such a hype?

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Ever heard of Konjac Sponge?

It is quite popular in the Asian Country, it actually helps people to cleanse better their face, or an extra way to properly cleanse your face. It comes with different shapes and types of Konjac Sponge, depending the concerns or imperfections that you want to tackle.


What is Konjac Sponge?

It is simply made of Konjac plants mixed with water, and it gives a good cleansing properties. It is a simple, effective and pure cleansing tool, that will help you feel a whole new experience. It is made of 100% natural Konjac Korean Plant root, and it is eco-friendly. Soft as it is, it will clean your face, and leave a fresh, glowing and silky smooth face.  

How to use it?

You simply wet your sponge with warm water, and squeeze the excess of water, and start with your favorite cleanser, just a little amount, because it is going to foam really fast. After, you can rub it in your face, gently, in a circular motion, towards up. And simply as that, you will have a cleansed face! It has safe and natural ingredients, so you can use it, twice a day! You do not have to purchase expensive cleansing tools, it will work the same way, and great for sensitive skin, it would not strip your natural oils, and skin barrier.

How to clean and store it?lierre-medical-personal-care-konjac-sponge1

You can just use water, and squeeze, until no soap. Make sure it does not contain any soap, and simply gently squeeze excess of water. And store it in a dry place, it will become hard, but once you apply water again, it will be back to your normal Konjac Sponge.

What are the different types of Konjac Sponge?

As I mentioned Konjac Sponge has different types, and are effective for different skin types.

Black: Charcoal is by far the most popular one because this one will help you deeply clean your face, and go into your pores. Ever heard of those charcoal mask, well they are the same effect. Charcoal is known to generally treat acne-prone skin, and also to deeply clean, and detoxify, even under your skin.

Pink: Pink Clay is perfect for people who has rough, tired, dry and dehydrated skin. This Clay is especially good to restore and regenerate your skin. It comes down to give you an extra moisture, that other spon do not have.

Green: Green Clay is perfect for people who has combination skin. Now, combination skin, is the hardest skin to treat, because it is a mix of skin type. They are generally dry on the cheeks areas, while the T-zone, it is oily. This one is perfect for you guys that have combination skin! This Clay helps to revitalize damaged skin cells, and tightens pores at the same time.

White: White Clay is created for sensitive skin, it is by far the mildest clay in the market, because it absorbs less. Try it, and you would not feel much tingling feel!

Yellow: Yellow Clay is one of the rarest, it is rich in minerals, also great for people who has sensitive and dry skin, can treat problems like rosacea and eczema, looking for an alternative, and very gentle, here is the best konjac sponge for you!

I also mentioned they come in different shapes, just for fun, you can check out, the heart, shell, water drop and half-sphere, and many more. You will see the shape once its hardened. Great way to enhance your experience!

We cannot talk about something good without its benefits right?

  • It obviously cleanse your skin thoroughly, and leaves the skin naturally glowy
  • It helps makeup application, no cakey face
  • It treats clogged pores and acne
  • Gently exfoliate, and good for sensitive types
  • It temporary moisturize your face
  • and many more

You definitely do not have to spend that much on Konjac Sponge, they work the same, and look for something that has 100% Natural ingredients and materials!

Go get yours now!

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