Why You Should Go Eco-Friendly in 2020 and How to Do It

Go eco-friendly in 2020 and how to do it from Lierre.ca Canada
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Eco-friendly is a lifestyle we all can lead. By making the switch in 2020 to environmentally sustainable products, we can minimize single-use products, reduce landfill waste, and support recycling and reusing. Not sure how to do it? We can help!

Why Go Eco-friendly?

There are many reasons to make the switch to Eco-friendly products. First off, it is the trendy thing to do. Eco-friendly living is the new lifestyle people are adopting in order to save the planet and reduce pollution. Large companies started doing this through new, innovative technology.

Outside of the innovations in technology and advancements in quality of life, Eco-friendliness is emphasizing re-usability and recycling. The more non recyclable waste put out, the more landfill space that is filled up. We only have so much landfill space. We must maximize what’s there and try to reuse as much as possible.

What Products to Switch to

There are so many products we use daily that can be switched to zero waste products. What makes zero waste is a product that can be fully recycled or reused, contributing no waste whatsoever. More and more, manufacturers, grocery stores, small businesses, and retailers are switching to zero waste products made from biodegradable materials.

There are so many green resources that we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of energy-making, environmental conservation, and keeping the planet clean. Solar and wind power are perhaps the greatest examples of this. Although everyday Canadian households don’t have the means of tapping into these energy-making resources, there are still many healthy habits to start with.

luumi reusable silicone bag to reduce waste in 2020 - Lierre.ca Canada

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

Instead of using a plastic straw that is not recyclable and can cause environmental harm,  use a reusable silicone drinking straw. You will be surprised at the functionality of these reusable straws! Also, you will create no waste while using them! They’re a great Eco-friendly choice for our households, our waste management system, and for the planet.

Another ideal move towards living your most eco-friendly life in 2020 is to employ some reusable silicone bags. Single-use food containers are a major source of plastic waste in our landfills and oceans. By switching to something reusable, you’re playing your part in cutting down on unnecessary waste production.

Luumi Unplastic silicone bowl to reduce waste in 2020 - Lierre.ca Canada

Key Takeaways

When you go Eco-friendly, you’ll find there’s probably dozens of opportunities around your household to conserve the resources you have and reduce waste. Small gestures add up! Environmental impact reports rarely attribute Eco-issues to single producers. We all play a role towards keeping this Earth clean and green.

Whenever possible, advocate for and choose recycled goods or products that are recyclable. When cleaning your home, choose natural cleaning products instead of chemical ones. Ditch harmful products that are not reusable and will end up in the trash. Make this year an Eco-friendly one and do it with Lierre.ca!